Are my clocks stable?



Sorry for making a new thread but I’m curious, i think this is what makes my computer turn blank. Here are my clocks

CPU 1991.91
FSB 199.19
RAM 199.19
PCIE 99.75
PCI 33.25

And one more question, how come my multiplier is stuck to x10 isn’t it suppose to change when i go idle, like from x10 to x5.

AMD athlon 64 3200+


Hi roland,

when you say your computer turns blank, can you be more specific? Does it turn off or does it still run but your monitor displays nothing? If it is shutting off, the problem is most likely the PSU or motherboard.

use CPU-Z to get your real time CPU speed and multiplier information:

Check your BIOS setting for “cool and quiet” if it is turned off, your CPU multiplier will not drop from the default speed


Oh the display shows nothing, oops sorry about that. wow you saved my life. cool n quiet was turned off and i turned it on now its all good. i guess its my PSU dying because if i turn of cool n quiet the processor will get really hot and the computer will just lock itself up.


Try cleaning out the CPU heatsink if the chip is overheating.

Back up your work when as soon as you can, the PSU might be about to die. What make and model PSU?


Starting a new thread without enough info Roland isn’t going to get you good help. Old thread

Your clocks are fine.


so this just means my PSU is really broken. well ummm i guess ill need to buy a new one.