Are MSI cdrws any good? Are they remarked?

I can get a pretty good deal on a 40x MSI cdrw, I was wondering how good they are. I love thier mobo and video products, but I don’t know anything about their burners. I am pretty sure they are not remarked Liteons or Mitsumis or anything. Anyone know anything about them?

I looked at the drive and specifications.

To me it seems to be a rebagged Benq 4012P.

Same look and supports seamless link = enough for me to conclude that it’s most likely a Benq 4012P.

Compared to lite-on: slower reader and writer but less noisy, could backup the same protections as Lite-On.

Excellant, I think I’ll get one. I heard they might be making their own now but I’m not sure. I heard they opened up a factory in Taiwan or China to do it. I’m looking at getting the 40x.