Are movie studios in secret talks with Kazaa?

I just posted the article Are movie studios in secret talks with Kazaa?.

  Here is a report originating  from the Phillipines, which as we all know is 'steamroller central'.  The story talks about the same tiresome fighting between pirates and the long ...
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While this “MAY” be good for users living in high density cheap inet connection areas, for those of us in the middle or even on the border the cost may be prohibitive. Broadband with a reasonable d/l allocation is still fairly expensive here. I have cable but a friend 2 streets away can only get adsl and he pays as much as I do for half the speed and service…:X

That’s true Sherrif, but according to what we read all the time there is a hell of a lot of folks downloading movies. So we can assume that the broadband is spreading as it should. :stuck_out_tongue: Luckily, where I live, even though it is a small town we have comcast cable 3mbps download sppeed no limits (yet) 256kbps upload. for ~50 bucks a month.

I don’t see this happening simply because there are already a few movie downloading services already on the market. Movielink and Cinemanow jump to mind. They’re a hell of a lot faster than P2P, you can watch your movie in less than a minutes time. Sure they aren’t quite up to the quality of most recent Xvid releases… but the legal music you can download aren’t exactly up to par with high quality mp3. My guess is that Movielink is the best we’ll get.

I’m surprised Sheriff doesn’t reply back criticizing the US for offering good broadband offers. I mean he criticizes them for everything else. I wonder what he downloads with his cable, probably loads of American MP3’s and movies.

MPAA - buys Kazaa

Hey FreqNasty (seems I have made another enemy here) forgive me if I frequently point out america is not the land of milk and honey it would have us all believe…btw most of your movies and music of today SUCK!!.. :X

Gee I feel really sorry for the poor studios execs (hundreds of thousands in pay and benefits a year) and those poor actors/actressess only earning $10 - $20 million per movie. Yes they are right their are a lot of well known actors/actress out there starving without a roof over their head because they can’t survive on their $15 million pay for the 4-8 months work they did. After all evrybody needs at least $5Million a year needs to be earned to at least scrape by to just survive for these well deserving actors/actressess’s. Basically I am saying they whinge about piracy etc, etc ripping them off and robbing the artists of hard earned income etc. Come on the sooner they come back to reality and realise that unlike the Executives from Music and Movie companies and the overpaid (so called) stars they pay such paltry amounts (10-20 million) per movie can not justify the ripoff prices for a start, then the prices charged in different countries, where if you buy it locally with the region coding fixed controlled market you can charge twice the cheapest charge you charge elsewhere which in itself is twice as profitable. So much for HONEST FREE WORLD TRADE (maybe it should read MORE OBSCENE PROFITS BY AMERICAN COMPANIES WHILST PRETENDING TO BE UNDER THE GUISE OF FREE TRADE) that America professes to want. Until these fools in the music and movie industry realise that we as consumers know they are ripping us off and until they stop the bullshit and start charging a fair profit on their products and that in the end people will judge them for their product as to the value and quality and then act accordingly, then maybe the music and movie studios may once again realise that they are there to supply a product of reasonable quality(and yes unfortuantly a lot of the stuff in recent years has been a lot of crap-they should of paid us to watch the shit) and appropriately charge a REASONABLE price for it, not $15 for shit. The sooner these idiots stop thinking about $$$$$ and performance bonuses etc etc, the sooner they might start to realise the real situation they are in, and realise if they don’t change in the next 10-12 months they WILL be EXTINCT and not earning a $ and by actually changing to the current conditions they WOULD BE more profitable and give themselves a lot of great Public relations. (which from the lawsuits etc over the last 12 months they could use to try to at least give them SOME credibility) But hey when the record companies are gone (as they will be because they were to greedy) the artists will then be able to sell their goods for a LOT LOT more than what they would have got from the Greedy labels and yet it costs the consumer only a third of the previous cost anf the bonus is the consumer gets a CD with just the music heshe likes and at a third the cost. Basically I am putting ALL companies that overcharge on notice. With the Internet and world trade we are entering a changing market and unless the rippoff companies change their ways they will be extinct in 5 years time, purely because of comsumer sentiment, and the fact consumers can find out the real value of a product worldwide.

Don’t let FreqNasty border you, Sherrif! We all know America is not the land of the free - if you really wanna understand the word “free”…Free trade with Australia- what free trade! Pure bullsh*t! Arghhhh, they will learn!..

What movies and music are you into Sheriff? I never said America was the land of milk and honey but it does more good than bad and the world would be a much worse place without it. If you want to look at bad countries then cast your eyes onto places like Africa and the Middle East for example. I’m from Australia btw. :X

Hey freqnasty…get ya green card and piss off to america…australia isn’t big enough for two village idiots and little johnny is doing a good enough job thank you…:X

Little Johnny has done a good job with the economy. Unemployment, inflation and interest rates are all at record lows. The Oz dollar is fairly strong. Why would you vote for an amateur like Latham? The past Labor Govt’s have screwed the economy bad. Latham is also scared shitless he has developed bad relations with the US and is now trying whatever he can to repair that. He’s just searched the bottom of the trash can and pulled Kim Beazley out. Other recycled trash, Crean and Lawrence are also on his team. Need I say more. :X

for freqnasty When asked a certain question by a reporter the national secretary of the NWU replied “you must realise that australia is viewed overseas as an open cut mine surrounded by farmland and a nice place to visit”. I don’t recall when I heard truer words, intervention and admonishion by american politicians in our home politics would tell you that. I travelled extensively overseas between 1970-85 and let me tell you the average american didn’t know where australia was or even cared but that did not mean the average american was not affable and gracious. What I admired about them then is a source of irritation for me now, their patriotism, but I guess you have to be on the outside sometimes to get the complete picture of whats going on inside. Now, let me state, I do not dislike the american people (or any other nation of people) I abhor with a passion dirty politicians and they all are. If a politician is NOT dipping into the till, rorting the system or lying, he knows someone in his party who is, and because he doesn’t step forward and denounce this he is as dirty as the others. Now little johnny is guilty on all counts (child overboard affair, iraq, WOMD, etc) this sniveling prick outlasted 3 liberal PMs and backstabbed his way into this one, he was not the peoples choice… I’ll bet you my left testicle, if the libs win the next election (and they prolly will) we will get about 1 - 3 months of johnny then he will step aside for that other smarmy arsewipe costello… I don’t believe in preferential voting, I would suggest it is illegal and to that end I have sent my letter to the AEC. I will not vote at this election and I will not pay the fine either…there is not one arsehole worth voting for, So you vote for whomever you wish but for phark sake make it an informed vote. I apologise to all other members for using this forum for my political rant …:X
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