Are most transcoders pretty much the same?

i was just wondering if most transcoders like recode, clonedvd, dvdfab etc process the movie (transcode it) in the same way or do they apply any filters or smooth the final result in a different way? I’m assume some programs do a little more than others since they take longer than others?

Some are one pass, some are 2. I’m sure each has its own algorithm in respect of removing data. But they all work at removing data, rather than building it up again from the ground up (which is what an encoder does). In this way, they are all inferior.


oh ok…now on to another question lol are passes for transcoding and encoding the same? usually 3-4 passes will give you the best results with encoders (cce), is it the same for transcoders?

The better ones have a 2nd pass with the aim of allocating bits a little better.