Are MIJ CD-Rs available in the US?



It’s my understanding that most MIJ CD-Rs are TY, so I went looking today. I went to Office Depot and Best Buy. I checked Sony, Fuji, Memorex, Imation, and a few others. Most were from Taiwan, with some Malaysia and India. The only MIJ I found were 30 packs of Sony Music CD-Rs for $19 at BB.

So, what brands should I look for to find MIJ CD-Rs? Is there good CD-R media made elsewhere?


If you want to buy online, juet get TY generic from

If you want something off the shelf, the only TY I know of for sure is older Fuji stock and current Sony Audio CDRs. If it says MIJ, it’s TY. Best Buy should still have old Fuji. Staples and CompUSA carry the Sony Audio.


I think Maxell CDR Pro uses TY. I forget where I’ve seen it… Staples, maybe?


Staples and Walmart. :wink:


Yup. I left those out due to the rediculous price.

Staples has had the Sony Audio discs on sale for $9/30.


Thanks, I will buy some online for later, but I need some right away.

I went through almost 50 Fuji spindles at BB. About 90% were MIT, and the rest Malaysia. The Fuji packaging was yellowish–not the traditional blue. I’ll have to check my other local BB.


Hmm, I used to always be able to find 50 packs of Fuji MIJ CD-Rs and my area certainly doesn’t stockpile MIJ media. I haven’t shopped in a while though.


Those Maxell’s are $10.00 at Wal-Mart for a 25pk regular price.


Don’t forget Newegg carries TY 100 pack cake box. Roght now it’s $23.99 plus $4 for three day shipping.


Like CDan said, Rima has them too, same price $23.99 but i think shipping is ~$5.15.



Good call! I picked up a pack of these today for $9.97.

Nero identifies they as Taiyo Yuden. Is there a program like DVD Identifier for CD-Rs???


Try CD Speed. Or the old cdr identifier.
For most stuff they should work. Don’t know how well they can recognize more rare stuff.


CDRIdentifier (CDR Media Code Identifier) can be hard to find, so here’s a link.


Thanks–I really appreciate it.

Now, what program can I use to find the maximum read/write speeds of my drives? I really want to know the max speeds for my DVD-ROM drive (a panasonic). Thanks again.


You can identify the speeds with Nero InfoTool and Nero DriveSpeed.
Nero CD-DVD Speed and CDR Identifier don’t know a lot of makers, like MID 96m43s37f (PrimeDisc?).


The Maxell CD-R Pros are the best CD-R media available, since not only are they made in Japan by TY, but they also have an extra scratch-resistant layer.

So, at 40 cents US each, they are a little more than other CD-Rs, but if you are expecting to play them 10-20 years from now, they are worth the extra $$.


those sony audio cd-r are TY and are pain in the ass trying to clean their surface. Never will i buy them again even tho its TY.


I have 3 sealed boxes of Maxell CD-R Pro, and indeed those are TYs, excellent discs !


I’ve almost burned through my Maxell CD-R Pros.

I noticed that OfficeDepot has 50 packs of the “regular” CD-Rs on sale this weekend for $5.99. Great price if these are MIJ. Anybody know if they are?

Maxell CD-R sale at OD


Regulars are almost always Ritek (Short strategy, Phthalocyanine). Those are okay, but will not be surprisingly good.


Thanks–I’m just backing up some CDs for my son, so they should probably be fine.