A couple of years ago Newegg gave me a “freebie” cakebox of 50 +R “no name” shiney silver DVDs, which I never had any trust in, so they sat in a closet collecting dust since then. I believe they were called AVG brand (or some three letter name) but I have long since tossed away the brand name collar label. All I remember is they were made in China and that was bad enough… so I was only saving them in case I needed some giveaway DVD media.

Well, today I was curious what the MID was and was surprized it was a fairly well known MID. But being MIC I figured they were fakes so I burned one on one of my 203B’s that hates TYG02/03 and then scanned it on my Liteon 20A1L just for giggles.

Holy Crap! That is the best scan I’ve ever gotten from any MID or burner – including TYG01. Roxio stated it could be burned at up to 16X but I expected it to be more like 8x, so burned it at that.

The hub code states: OTC+R86060N0 R16 0505 +R 1~16x

I didn’t know they made 16x media a couple of years ago. Think this stuff is a good fake… or what??? All I know is it scans better than all my TY, MCC, SONY08D1, and RICOH_JPN MIDs and plays video/TRT’s @16x without a single glitch…

That is a very nice looking scan but I just wonder about the longevity of the
disc since it was MIC and possibly a fake MID :confused:

I’m not sure but it would seem logical for crappy dye to begin deteriorating soon after manufacture, whether it had been written with data or not. I’ve had this batch of OPTODISC R16 for nearly two years and it probably sat in a warehouse for a long time before Newegg began giving them away. My guess is the PIE/PIF would have been much higher if the dye had been deteriorating at a higher than average rate in the several years since the discs were made …

Hum, this is very interesting. I’m not aware that Optodisc ever had a plant in mainland China or Hong Kong, or that they outsourced any of their production there, but you never know. All the Optodisc I’ve ever come across was Made in Taiwan. Of course, technically, the Chinese consider Taiwan to be part of China, so it could be one of those weird labeling anomalies where even though they are MIT, they got labeled as MIC. Can you take a photo of one of the disks? Also, what color was the foam spacer on the spindle, if there was one?

So was that a 16x burn or 8x burn, I’m a bit confused? If it’s a 16x burn, I highly doubt it’s fake. It just scans far too well. And Optodisc is not widely known like TY or Verbatim, if it were fake they’d more likely go for one of those MIDs.

I think those discs are genuine, and good :stuck_out_tongue:

Far too good to be fakes, especially considering the 16X parity scan speed.


The hub code states: OTC+R86060N0 R16 0505 +R 1~16x

Genuine for sure , they can’t fake hub codes and this code is the same one as my Samsung Pleomax OPTODISC R16 :clap:

Weird to be MIC though :confused:

Yup the OTC+ it is genuine hub code.

I bet they were just packaged in China and they slapped a MIC on the sticker.

Thanks for the helpful replies, guys. :cool: Glad I didn’t throw them away…

Sorry for the delay in responding but my camera batteries needed to be charged. Here are some images of the cakebox type, foam spacer color (mid gray I’d say), and the hub code… even though it’s probably unnecessary now that it seems they are likely genuine.

[QUOTE=RWP;1917046]Here are some images of the cakebox type, foam spacer color (mid gray I’d say), and the hub code… even though it’s probably unnecessary now that it seems they are likely genuine.[/QUOTE]

Yes, they are genuine. Believe it or not, even the spacer is an indicator. That dark grey squishy foam spacer is a dead giveaway. I know it like the back of my hand. You only see it on Optodisc spindles.

Also, in addition to the hub code itself, that pseudo bar code on the other half of the hub is one of those little visual indicators that you only see on Optodisc disks.

Samsung OPTODISC R16 10 discs spindles first came with dark grey spacers but recently the spacers are “white” and quality was higher :bigsmile:

Damn nice hub code shot. How did you get such an excellent picture?

Looking at it more you might have scanned it? I was just playing with my camera and managed to get some pretty good hub code camer shots on super-micro.

For the hub shot I had to use a flatbed scanner. (Also tweaked the mid tones with a photo app to make the code stand out.) Try as I may, I just couldn’t get a camera to focus on the code area; too many hot/shiney reflections confusing the cam… :eek:

Here’s an earlier attempt, for a good laugh:

Your spindle looks identical to the ones I bought. They were sold under the Acro Circle brand name for 19 euros per 100. It were 16x -R Optodisc ones though.