Are Memorex/Traxdata/Bulkpaq DVD disc good?




I’m gonna buy some DVD discs tomorrow, don’t know if I’ll buy + or - yet.
I’ve checked out some stores and they sell media that isn’t highly expensive. They go under the brands Memorex, Traxdata and Bulkpaq. I’ve used Memorex CD-R discs before and they have worked OK.

How good or bad are those discs I’ve mentioned? Which of these three brands do you recommend? Which other brand do you recommend?
Currently I’m using Princo DVD-R and RW discs and so far those RW discs have been crap. I’m considering going with +R/RW this time but not Princo.

Any suggestions?



Yep - for a moderator. Maybe moving this to the media forum would be more helpful…



Traxdata = Ritek (±)
Memorex = Prodisc & CMC (-) ; CMC & Ricoh (+)
Bulkpaq = Princo, Prodisc & Ritek (-) ; Unknown & Ritek (+).


The best Memorex out there now is the RICOH DVD printables. Amazon is selling them in 100 packs. The jewel case and cake box CMC and Prodisc are awful in my Plextor burner.