Are Mediastar 48x Coloured CD-R real TY's

Are Mediastar 48x coloured CD-R’s 10 pack in slim jewel cases real TY’s. I have seen them at SVP site Are they any good. I was thinking of getting some TY’s cd-r’s. Could anyone recommend me some good TY cd-r discs please.


dunno about mediastar. my favourites are:

verbatim pastel 52x cd-r’s 20pcs in slim-cases are good ty (not as good as the 48x though). besides, maxell cd-r printable media 48x in jewel-cases are very good ty aswell. don’t forget there’s always unbranded ty’s too.

where can you get verbatim pastel 52x cd-r’s 20pcs in slim-cases in UK?. I was also thinking of getting 48x plextor CD-R’s as well. Are plextor CD-r discs any good?

i never saw them in spindles over here but it seems you have them at svp

edit: you might check those plextors first, as they are 48x ty obviously. in my experiences those are better quality than the 52x, but of course it depends on your burner. i’ve never had plextor cd-r’s myself though, only speaking of experiences with verbatim pastel 48x/52x media, but it should be equal with the plextor media.

I’ve seen them on SVP…if SVP say they’re genuine, then I believe them, based on their usual honesty :)…although I never saw that brand anywhere else.

Dakhaas or Francksoy might be able to shed more light…:slight_smile:

I have used both Plextor and Verbatim Pastel CD-rs, both are yuden and as far as i can tell they are very good.
Have’nt tryed mediastar but SVP have never given me a reason not to trust them. So i would say they are TY.

Got them from SVP

I, for one, can’t. Just that I tend to trust SVP, but dropping them an email to specifically ask would be wiser than mere assumption, I guess. :wink:

That’s true, an email would probably be the best way to go before purchasing them. :iagree:

I’ll give them an email then. I’ll get those plextor cd-r’s because they provide very good quality discs at a premium price. :bigsmile:
My LG dvd writer will love these discs. :slight_smile: