Are "made in Japan" Maxell cd-r's always TY?

I bought some Maxells from Walgreens yesterday (35pk cd-r music discs, $14.97 - $5 rebate club, or $9.97 per 35pk). Who else, if anyone, makes Maxell “made in Japan” discs other than TY?

I know I can buy TY discs online for as good if not slightly better price, but I don’t want a 100pk.

(I did a half hour FAQ & thread search, but found no specific info).

much thanks.

99% TY only. I don’t think they use any other Japan-based manufacturer.

ok, thanks for the confirmation. I’ll remember you in my will. :bow:

They can also be made by Maxell themselves however Cd-r’s made by Maxell themselves are ultra rare these days.

^^I’ve seen those, old 8X Maxell CD-R discs. Very nice!