Are loud CDs always of crap sound quality?

I’ve been reading a lot about music and how most albums that come out these days are way louder than albums that were released over ten years ago. This essentially causes the albums to sound like crap. I was wondering, is this always the case? I just bought a bunch of remastered CD’s and many of them are loud as hell compared to some of my old CDs. The CD’s sound good to me but I can’t compare them to other versions of the CDs so I don’t know if I’m getting the best version.

So what I’m asking you is… Does loud always sound bad?

I think it’s the mixing. With EQ’s, good equipment, and speakers i really notice no difference. I might have to raise the volume or adjust my EQ to get it the way i want to listen to it.

Also would depend on the type of music.

If RIAA and such instead of suing ppl actually cared about what they need, it would come up with some “loud-less” quality mark and we would know what to expect from the next purchase. But no, they are dumb, greedy and prolly take lessons from mafia and scientologists on how to extort money from folks who pay for their existence.