Are Liteons DVD-rom player alo capable off

Hi everybody,

My question is very simple are Liteons DVD-rom player also capable off reading 99 minutes CD’s. I have looked everywhere including this forum but i cannot find the answer. So i was hoping you could help me out here.:bow: I’m intrested im buying a dvd-rom player for my Homemade DivXplayer and since i’m have quite a few 99 minutes CD’s i kinda hoping a dvd-rom would do the job. This would then prevent me from buying and a DVD-rom and CD-rom.

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Greetz Raymongo,

hmmm, i can’t see why not. the file system is the same on the 99 min disc as on the 80 min ones.

that is, unless the all knowing Mr. Belvedere :bow: knows something i don’t…

Yes, the Lite-on LTD-163 supports reading 99 minute discs. See the report at CDR-Info Test.

jipeeeeeee:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: now i’m gone buy the LTD-163. I hope this one realy does the job. because in my normal pc i have an Toshiba SD-M1612 and i just found out at CDR-Info that it should also support up minutes. I’ve tried it many times but as some as a cd contains more than 748 MB it stops reading the cd at all. :confused: but hey i’m confedend you know where your talking about so i’m still gonna buy the LTD-163.