Are LiteON DVD-Roms capable of scanning?

Since I already got a DVD burner and don’t want to buy a second one, I am wondering if the DVD-Roms are capable of scanning too.

Yes they can, but the result is not as good as you would get from a Liteon DVD writer.

the burners are so cheap they are going to be less than the roms are on black friday… benq 1620 or liteon 1633 for 39.99

I saw the Benq 1620 (IOMagic) from Staples, $129.99 - $60 instant - $30 rebate = $39.99, but didn’t find the LiteOn. Do you know which (chain) store is offering the LiteOn? Here I thought last year on BF, I got a good deal on my (now sold) LiteOn LDW-411S for $80 AR. :a