Are Liteon DVD drives reliable for CD-R C1/C2 scans?

Hi guys!

I’m just guessing if Liteon DVD drives are reliable for quality scanning of CD-Rs thru C1/C2 scans.

For e.g. If you look here at this thread you will see that CD-R scans thru a liteon DVD drive is like less “dense” than scans made with liteon cd-rw drives.

I also noticed that scans of the same CD made thru my 451@832 and thru my ex-52328S were different.

Some days ago I had to replace my 52328S with a NEC 3500A (all my ide channel were busy, so I had to make a decision), so I really have to know if my liteon DVD drive is reliable for CD-R scanning.

Thanks for any answer!

No, they are not reliable (IMHO).