Are Lite-On Burners Still Supa-Dupa?

Need a new burner…I have a yamaha 2200e and I love it. Just thought I would consider another drive for a different computer.

Yesiree Bob they are still supa-dupa. :bigsmile:

i have 2 lite-on burners and love em both. excellent quality and excellent price, something plextor cant match.

Considering that they now copy nearly everything, are the fastest burner and reader around, are reliable as any, and cost half as much as some…what’s to consider?:smiley:

im sure people are thrown off by the fact that at times you can get the fastest burner for $20 after rebates. (buslink 48x at best buy turning out to be a 48246s liteon)

I had read that lite-on has been targeted by the securerom peeps and that they have had some problems with some games…while others have flown under the radar. Is that or was that true?
Also, models anyone??? which one is better than others? etc…(lite-on)

Lite-ons are the ones to target. They are currently the most popular, but they haven’t thwarted them yet.

I suspect it would require colloboration between lite-On and the copy protection maker to defeat them I suspect. Or for sony to start pulling deals with different companies to boycott lite-on until they go out of business.

Originally posted by Newanda
lite-on, models anyone??? which one is better than others? etc…(lite-on)

Gee, there’s only about 300 threads about this per week! Please don’t start another one of those.

Yes, Liteys are really supa dupa.

I am one satisfied owner & recommend it to everyone.