Are Jewelsleeves safe for CD storage?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to be asking or if it’s been covered too often already… scold me accordingly if it has. :a

I just received a sample of one of their sleeves, and I love it! Holds both front and back cd covers, lined with soft material on both sides of the cd “pouch” and it fits in one quarter of the space required by a standard cd jewel case.

Any reason to be concerned as I contemplate converting all my cd storage to this format?

Get the details here if you want to know more. thanks for any and all advice. :slight_smile:

This is no different than Case Logic’s CD ProSleeves. I bought a few boxes so I don’t have to use those damn plastic jewel cases when I give DVDs or CDs to my friends and family. Personally, I wouldn’t use them for storage. I go w/ the Case Logic CD binders, the 128 CD flavor one to be exact.

But, would you not use them for storage because they might harm the cds in some way, or, simply because you prefer the convenience/organization that a binder provides you?

I looked on the Case Logic web site and they’re not that similar. The Jewelsleeves have three separate pockets, 1 for the cd, and two for the front and backcovers. Nice and convenient, especially when the back cover lists the tracks (as you don’t have to pull the insert out in order to see the info because the other insert is in the way. Actually, the Case Logic ProSleeve doesn’t even look tall enough to fit the back insert… is it?

The other nice thing about the jewelsleeves is that they have a slightly stiffer construction than the normal sleeve or the ProSleeve… not a big deal, but nice.

They seem like a good idea but can they provide the same protection of CDs are Jewel cases?

Depends on what you mean by protection. Even as they feel a little more substantial than a typical sleeve, they are still quite bendable, if that is an issue.

If you mean in terms of protection from gouging? Well, each cd side has a piece of plastic plus the inner soft lining sheet, not to mention a 3rd layer for each side, consisting of your front or back covers.

Btw, I checked the dimensions for Stoner’s ProSleeves. They are NOT tall enough to fit the back cd cover, which doesn’t qualify them as being “no different”. That’s one of the main selling points of the JewelSleeves for me. (Saying they are no different is like saying that tigers are no different than bears. Well yes, they’re both animal predators, but not exactly a whole lot else in common there).

This should be common knowledge by now. has some of these or even CD Storage