Are India Verbatim made by MBI? And are they all that bad?




I have posted these scans in the BenQ subforum already, but I still can’t believe that these Verbatims (bought as Advanced Azo+ 16x 50pcs spindle) are that crappy.

Is this just bad luck, or do you have similar experience with India-Made Verbatims? who manufactures them? Note: the first burn is quite bad, burnt at 16x, but the second one was only written at 12x speed and gives POF errors (or CRC errors when trying to read in any DVD-ROM drive.

Any advice?




I am not that familiar with MBI MCC 004s, but based on what I have tried and what I have read here about MBI discs, I would avoid them. At best, they are just OK and more often than not, they turn out like yours. Usually, I have been able to salvage some +R discs by dropping the burn speed, but so far, MCC 004 does not seem to improve with slower speeds.



Are India Verbatim made by MBI?


And are they all that bad?

Not all are that bad but incase of MCC004 there does seem quite some reports about problems.


What puzzles me, is why MBI-made MCC004 is producing such crap burns on a lot of burners, when MBI-made TDK (and now MBI-made Imation, I’ve found) seem to burn so well. I’d pick up some MBI MCC004 for curiosity’s sake, but I can only get them in spindles of 50 from a local PC store, and don’t want to risk it…

Probably a no-brainer to most of you who know media well, but to me it’s kinda odd.

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MBI Verbs are not crappy, they are different. This is a confusing and very annoying topic.

Firmware strategies are not always adapted, and depending on the drives you can get excellent or so-so burns.

As you have a SB capable drive, try to enable SB for known media with these, you should experience an improvement. If you don’t, then it’s a so-so batch (though the 12X burn is good, just not what one expects from MCC004, I agree - I wonder where these POFs come from BTW :confused: - looks like a glitch to me ).

BTW, in case you’re not aware of this, all Benq 1640 16X +R burns will show this “toothbrush-shaped” PIF figure, with high PIF peaks after 3GB. This has nothing to do with the the media quality, it’s the drive. Just burn 16X +R media @12X if these peaks bother you.


I wonder how they’d burn on my LGs…I might see if I can purchase a smaller spindle from somewhere just to test. I tend to burn my 16x media @12x anyway, so dropping the burn speed wouldn’t be an issue for me. :slight_smile:

(Just thinking aloud!)


Same comments as in my post above can apply to MBIPG101 R04. These guys at Moser Baer must think they are funny by producing discs with the same MID [I]that have different characteristics[/I]. :rolleyes:

The Ricoh-branded ones burn very differently than the TDK-branded ones, they (Ricoh) produce crappy burns in my NEC and PIONEER drives, and also in my Benq 1650 with the standard strategy. And once again guess what? It’s not a quality problem, with SB ON for known media (thanks Dakhaas for the hint :wink: ) they give excellent burns. Also in my NEC 3540, only coasters until f/w 1.04 came out, with 1.04 pretty good burns. The TDK-branded ones gave excellent results with previous f/w, now I can’t burn them anymore in the 3540, too mediocre results. See what I mean? :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh:

Moser Baer makes very good media, but they really need to put their act together concerning MID consistency. If they don’t, people will keep on giving their discs a bad reputation. Like in this report of mine before I discovered what the issue really was:


Aha…I never saw this: the first time around…very enlightening!

I agree with what you say about MBI getting their act together regarding MID consistency. I’m actually more curious than ever now, to see how they burn on my LGs!



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Another suprise I noticed that the MBIL disc’s I have with a F in the serial burn very nice on my pioneer and Philips and some other burners.
The ones with a E are the ones that are problematic. But Solidburn can burn these really nice as well.
So what disc’s do I have with a F in the serial.
(All my PHilips mbil, some TDK,Verbatim (MCC) code.)
What with a E
(All my ricoh’s, some TDK (the worser ones), some MMORE,some imation)
Still the ricoh mbil disc’s peform worse compared to the other E disc’s but any E disc’s performs worse as a F am I getting paranoid or is there something going on.


I will try solid burn as you supposed, and I will report the results here. However, this is still crappy for me: when I buy Verbatim branded MCC004, I expect nothing less than constant good quality with MCC004 writing strategies - otherwise, one always has to “learn” 20% of a spindle, and you cannot mix media from different countries. Really bad in my opinion.




Here is a scan with SB enabled.These things ARE crp :frowning:


i’d maybe look to buy the verbs in local stores where you could see the made in label.
I had no luck with my india stuff also on my other burners incl. the last purchase i made the 760.


I’m really happy with my MCC004 Made in India… constantly getting very good burns on my BenQ drives, see here.

Regards, :slight_smile:



Hi Arachne,

I think that you are in the UK? Try Sainsburys for 25 piece spindles of MBI made Verbatim MCC04. They are on sale in my local Sainsburys (Tamworth) for £5.99. You can do your own tests then :slight_smile:




Nice one, cheers for that - I’ll get my mum to drop me over to Sainsbury’s sometime soon :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
What with your mum & a cast of thousands doing your beckoning. Do you even operate your own pc. :bigsmile:
(Off topic is your LG4167 as good as your LG4163 or better?) Now that I’ve insulted you no doubt I’ll have to make recompence in order to get an answer. :doh:
BTW You may have missed out on the Sainsbury deal. I believe it’s a clearance deal & this region (ours) AFAIK has sold out.


ROTFLMAO…they’re the ones with cars :bigsmile: - why buy a dog, and bark yourself? :bigsmile:

So far (it doesn’t get as much use, it’s in my PC at my mum’s), the 4167 seems just as good as the 4163. I’ll have to test some of the same discs I use on the 4163 to see if it’s better. But so far, about the same :iagree:

Bah, our Sainsbury’s have sold out? That sucks LOL :stuck_out_tongue:


Here there are my latest burns with LG 4167 and verbatim discs made in India

I don’t know if I have a bad batch, but these burnings are not my best results :frowning:
Until now my personal experience is that made in Taiwan verbatim are better than made in India ones