Are HP 52X CD-Rs Purchased at Staples Good?




I am new to the forum. I recently purchased HP 52X blank CD-R in a 50 pack spindal at Staples in the US. I haven’t opened them yet, and wanted to get some opinions if they are good. I am replacing a 100 pack spindal of Verbatim bought at that I have had nothing but problems with (still have a ton of them left). The Verbatims are reorder #94554. The Verbatims would burn fine with Nero (audio CDs), but when you would play them in 3 different CD players, they skip, have a hard time finding the correct track for the number you press and pop and sound scratchy especially on the higher track numbers near the end of the disc. My Technics Mega CD changer had the most problems, but so did 2 different brands of DVD players. I really only use the CD-Rs for audio and I don’t need the greatests discs in the world. I just want to be able to play them with out any tracking, skipping or sound problems. The HPs are made in China. They are Item #CR00030XM. I am using an HP CDWriter 8230e that burns at 4X max. Yes I know it’s ancient to today’s drives, but it works great and I have never had a single bad burn until the Verbatim discs came into my house. I used Sony prior to the Verbatium Item# 50CDQ80LS2 and they performed flawlessly both burning and playing. Prior to the Sonys I have used Memorex, Kodak, IBM, Fuji and the old verbatims (purchased in 1999) with out issue. I got one Memorex from a friend and it burned and played fine after the bad Verbatium disc issues, so my CD Writer isn’t the problem. Any opinions on these HP discs would be greatley appreciated as I can only return them unopened and I am afraid I may be getting into the same problem as I had with the Verbatims. Thanks in advance!


Your real problem is not the media but the burner. Today’s media is designed for high speed burning, and your burner does not have proper firmware support for any of it, much less the abuility to burn at high speed. Considering the cost of a new burner ($30), it hardly makes sense to be wasting money on trying different media to feed the old burner. It’s a crap-shoot whether you will find media that it can burn well, and what you buy tomorrow under one of those brands may well be something different than you bought today.

Of all the media you mention, only Verbatim is actually in the media making business, (Sony does make some) all the others only re-lable media and sell it. In fact, HP, Memorex and many others are as likely as not to be the same stuff.

Get some Maxell, Fuji or TDK audio discs and try those. Or, get a new burner and stop worrying about it. :wink:


Nero 7? It has a bug in the mp3 decoder that will burn an audio CD full of skips. If you’re using 7, that’s the problem, not the media.


Yeah you could try using a different program or software. Try media player built into windows, itunes if those have the same result with that media verbatim or staples then it’s most likely the drive but don’t take my word for it. Verbatim is supposed to be some of the top quality media out there according to the poll on the forum for best media. check out those posts and see. I am currently using tdk, I always have and never had any problems until the drive i was using went out. I did read a very long detailed post about the difference between media, how it can very greatly the quality even from one spindel of the smae brand to the other. You could also go to best buy or newegg, or a very nice buddy and try another burner. newegg has them for really cheap like in the 30 dollar price range, i bet you paid almost that for the new cd’s.

Also keep in mind if you post more information about your system setup and software that will help identify the problem if it really is the discs then maybe you just got a bad batch, maybe verbatim will do a warranty exchange?


Run CDRIdentifier on your Verbatims and HPs and see who the manufacturer is. I have burned the following in two newer burners, HP400c and BenQ DW1655, with great results using Nero 6, RecordNow, Alcohol, etc.:
Ritek Co. (Maxell 52x Branded)
CMC Magnetics Corp. (HP 52x and Verbatim 52x)
CMC Magnetics Corp. (HP 52x LightScribe and Verbatim 52x LightScribe)
I’m with rdgrimes, I would bet your burner is heading south.