Are Hi-Space DVD+R/-R good?

Hello to everyone,

I’ve just got my first DVD burner (NEC 3500) and where I live the only DVDs sold in quantities of 100 are those of Hi-Space. Since I didn’t see any feedback on this brand in the forums, I’m wondering if someone who’s tried it would recommend Hi-Space? (The brand that keeps appearing on the forums is Ritek but I can’t find those in France…)

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi-Space is a brand of MPO and the DVD+R media is made by MPO in France (MID code: MPOMEDIA). I’ve not used so many so I can’t say so much about the quality but it does not seem to be too bad. Hi-Space DVD-R on the other hand is AFAIK not manufactured by MPO but is bought from various usually low quality manufacturers and can have MID’s like AML and GSC00*.

thanks for your answer. anyone else has had experience with Hi-Space DVD+Rs (I might be getting those fot -ROM bittsetting)?