Are Fujifilm CDRs "Product-Code: 25301441" 48x?




Yesteday I bought 40 FujiFilm CDRs (80min-700MB Single-Slim-Case)


But They dont have any Recording Speed on Outside-Label or
in the CDR-Front; only in the Inside-Paper-Label say:

“Speed Compatibility: Up to 48x compatible”


The problem is that others FujiFilm 24x CDR have the same
code number, and now I am not sure if this CDRs are really 24x or 48x??

I get the following results using “CDR Media Code Identifier v1.63”:

-ATIP: 97m 24s 01f

-Disc Manufacturer: Taiyo Yuden Company LTD.

-Recording Layer: Dye (Long Strategy; e.g. Cyanine, Azo, etc.)

-Media: CD-Recordable

-Nominal Capacity: 702.83 MB (79m 59s 52f / LBA: 359847

-Recording Speed: Min.Unknoun - Max. Unknown

Anyone one on the forum knows the real speed of the above CDRs?

Thanks in advance




Nominal Capacity: 702.83 MB (79m 59s 52f

No such thing, are you sure that’s not “72f” ? If so, it’s regular old TY 48x media.


Thanks rdgrimes for answer!

I made a mistake…

As you segested the correct number is “72f”:

-Nominal Capacity: 702.83 MB (79m 59s 72f / LBA: 359847

So you think that this are “Regular old” Taiyo-Yuden
48x CDRs?

Are there any differences between this “Regular old”
and the “newest” Taiyo-Yudens or Fuji ones ?

Are this to old or bad media for my Liteons drives
40x12x48x and 48x24x48x?

I also had visit the Fujifilm Media site, but dont find

Thanks for all your help




TY only makes one CDR, and your’s is the current one. They should work fine for you.


Thanks again for your info…

Since I never had used Taiyo-Yuden CDRs,
I would like to know how good are these TY?

Also, which’s the best speed (slow or fast) to burn with these TY on my Liteon 40x12x48x/48x24x48x drives, for normal data and for audio CDs.

Thanks in advance!!!

All the Best



They are abundantly tested in several threads here. Have a look at this one.


Just bought some of the same Fuji CD-Rs. They are in the same slim cases and all. Mine are 48x compatible media and are typical high quality media from Taiyo Yuden.


Since rdgrimes mentioned:

“If so, it’s regular old TY 48x media”

“TY only makes one CDR, and your’s is the current one. They should work fine for you.”

I really would like to know if there is only ONE 48x Taiyo-Yuden CDR?

Differences between the called “Regular-Old” and Newest ones?

Are this Fuji 48x, Old or New “high quality media from Taiyo Yuden” ?

Thanks in advance

All the Best,