Are ex rentals unrippable?

I have had a lot of success with the combination of DVD Decrypter, FixVTS, DVD Shrink and Ripit4me of the last couple of weeks but I’ve come across a disc of mine that I just can’t back up. It’s the movie ‘9 Songs’.

It has no major scratches and plays fine on my DVD/TV setup but I know the protection is unusual because when I tried to back up to VHS, it appeared to be playing fine through my VCR (unlike some DVDs which blue screen intermittently), but actually all I recorded was a black screen for an hour an a half.

I have seen the recent problems with the Ripit4me applications which have now apparently been fixed (as far as people in other forums suggest) but I am still having a problem with :

“couldn’t access root directory while parsing file system….waiting for drive to be ready…there does not seem to be a DVD in your selected drive…couldn’t read sector 16 while parsing file system…read sector failed.”

I have made efforts to solve this like disabling autoplay, and changing the preferences in the ‘big 4’ applications above. The surprising thing for me is that the DVD won’t even play on my computer. I have a feeling I’ll have a much better chance of ripping it if I can get it to play just once.

Ps. I’ve just checked the disc and, not having bought it new, its actually a rental version. I would guess this makes a difference (duh) but how much? …if anyone knows and, likely that this is the problem, is there any way around it?

Thanks for any replies in advance.

ady88s -

If using a DVD Viewing/Playback software program similar to PowerDVD or WinDVD you can not View/Play the subject Commercial DVD Movie Title in your DVD Device in your computer you will be unable to process a backup copy of this subject Commercial DVD Movie Title. If you cannot view/play in your computer you will not be able make a backup copy in your computer.

Ex-Rental Commercial DVD Movie Tiles are not some kind of special Commercial DVD Movie Titles that contain some special unique copy protection scheme other than the normal copy protection scheme contained in any Commercial DVD Move Title available for purchase at a normal retail video store.

I assume the reason you are unable to view/play and/or backup copy this subject Commercial DVD Movie Title is that do to extreme constant rental viewing use this subject Commercial DVD Movie Title is scratched damaged that prevents viewing/playing and/or backup coping. There is a difference between a Standalone Desktop DVD Playback Device and Computer DVD device, which has different electronic circuitry viewing/playback tolerances. Suggest thoroughly cleaning the subject Commercial DVD Movie Title. The below Web Links provide information on removing scratches from DVDs ->


Thanks for the reply Belooken. In response to your post, the disc really isn’t in that bad a shape, considering. There really isn’t an obviously bad scratch on there but still, you never know.

I am assuming for the moment that it is a copy protection issue given that errors such as ‘couldn’t read sector 16’ came up with other people in the last couple of weeks and those errors were solved by the debugging (I should have specified this, but I didn’t want to load too much detail in my first post). My errors haven’t been solved by the debugging unfortunately.

There was a suggestion made elsewhere that there were some discs with rather complicated/sinister make-ups through an analysis of the disc made with ‘pgcedit’ (although I didn’t get the ins and outs of this) and that recent versions of Ripit4me were struggling with these discs.

I guess it’s still possible that the scratches are at fault but my gut says it’s something fishier. I’ll post in the Ripitforme forum as well to see if they have any ideas.

Thanks again for replies.

Part of this problem might be that in some of the applications, the DVD drive is listed as a CD drive, in DVDShrink for example. When I put in any other DVD, it reads the disc fine, even though its listed as a CD drive(!!) But with this disc, it won’t read it still. I’ll see if I can get it listed as a DVD drive again. FYI, Device Manager says the device is working properly. Confused.

As BeLooken said it will be the scratches if you can see them or not. The protection is the same. Nothing different. Try a polish kit cause that’s the only hope you have.

Thanks for replies. I tried Brasso this time. No success. I’ll let this one go I think. Curious coincidence that the recent ‘sector 16’ bug in Ripit4me is coming up time and again only with this disc. I’ve backed up a couple of others since and they have been fine. N/M.

Thanks again.


I have had a little luck with setting the read speed way down in dvddecrypter, either
by itself or with ripit, reboot after changing the read speed, some drives respond better than others to this command