Are episodes in the future for DVD2one?

I was wondering if there will be multiple episodes on 1 disc available in future versions of DVD2one. It is currently pretty frustrating that if we have a DVD of a TV show that contains 3 episodes or more, we can only copy 1 of the episodes with DVD2one. Yes I know we can use something like Ifoedit to copy them all, but to me the process is pretty complicated. The great thing about DVD2one is how user friendly it is…I mean, I just downloaded DVDShrink, and as good as that program might be, it is still too complicated for me to use. Maybe I’m a simple minded idiot and these other programs just don’t sink in for me, but that is why I love DVD2one so much. I just hope episodes will be available in the future, where instead of highlighting only 1 movie, we can highlight as many as we like, and DVD2one will put them all on 1 disk for us, in the “movie only” option for better quality.


Not sure what you are on about with this really as DVD2one already does this fine.

I’ve done over 30 TV series discs and all are fine. You do realise you have to select ALL files in file mode with DVD Decrypter and then simply use Full Disk mode in DVD2one, copy them to a VIDEO_TS folder to acheive this?

Works every time. :wink:

For me too.

Do not understand what you are missing in dvd2one for episode-DVDs?

It could be that he has encountered a series or two that refuses to cooperate.

LEXX Season 3, for example, is a multiple-pcg nightmare that none of the single click software solutions seems to be able to handle. It is possible (I am pretty sure, anyhow), to use DVD2One to rip each episode and then use two or three other VOB tools to seam it all back together as one long movie with chapter breaks. Anyhow, that makes DVD2One a bit more useful since you can rip chapters, but it isn’t automagic after that.

I only took one swing at it, but Band of Brothers didn’t seem to get along with DVD2One - I had more (but not perfect, but acceptable) success with a competing software package that takes 2.5x as long.

I am just trying to say that it is possible to encounter tough TV episode discs and that having more than one tool in the toolbox can be useful.

The tool I NEED is one that can take VOBs and put a simple menu on the top of them. It would be cool to be able to take episodes from different DVDs even, shrink them down, and have something process them into a single DVD with a simplex menu that just starts an episode. I am not suggesting that DVD2One do that, but clearly a product that could do this would work nicely with DVD2One.


I think this program is the best thing since sliced bread it does DVDs amazing had no problems. I collect the new Enterprise episodes and have over 40cds of them i would like to stick them all onto a few DVD-R’s with a menu… it would be cool if you could select all the mpegs from the folder and run it through DVD2ONE and it puts it all into the VIDEO_TS folder for burning…?

Anyone else know if there is any other simple way of doing this?

Oh yeah and i forgot tomention about Garciars problem, well i believe he is using the old version of DVD2ONE which only allows you to select one episode, there is a newer version v1.1.1 which lets you select all the files and its an complete duplicate of the original… with the exclusion of a little picture quality…

I’m sorry, I should have been a bit clearer. What I meant was that we don’t have the option to add more than just 1 movie if we choose the movie only option. In other words, If I want DVD2one to create a disc of say…Schoolhouse Rock…This DVD has about 50 or so different 3 minute cartoons on it…Now let’s say that I don’t want to compromise quality, so I don’t want to use the full disc backup option. There should be a way when we choose “movie only” that we can click on as many files as we want, then have DVD2one connect them together. This way, we can choose the cartoons we want to keep, and not choose the ones we don’t want…If this were made possible, then instead of a compressed 2hrs and 30 minutes, we could wind up with a very sharp and detailed 90 minutes or so of our favorite episodes/cartoons. If I still don’t make sense, I am trying to say that there are DVDs out there that are not of just 1 main movie, but rather many small movies or cartoons…the movie only option only allows us to choose 1 movie…it would be great if we could choose as many as we want, and have DVD2one connect them together, so we can have the quality we want, and not have to sit through stuff we don’t want to see. I hope I made myself a bit clearer. Thanks.