Are Either Of These A Repackaged NEC 3500a?

Artec 16x or PDC Mach 16x? I see these on sale and was curious. I will buy one if it is.

I would doubt the Artec one was a NEC rebadge, i have never heard of the other. Do you have some specs for this drive?

Artec 16x is definitely not a NEC-3500. (Interesting specs though, 8x for DVD+RW…) :wink:

As for Pacific Digital Mach 16x, it might be a NEC in external enclosure.
But, sofar none external drive has proven to be able burn reliably at max rated speed (16x) when on USB bus.

BoboBrazil, you better look somewhere else. :slight_smile:

In addition to above link to Pacific Digital (-not working right now for some reason), there is a internal version of Mach 16.
Nor this is a NEC-3500, from what I can see when reading specs.


Ok thanks, thought one of those might be one. I see 3500a is only $70 from newegg so might be better off ordering that.

I think so too :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t count on it.
Artec is known for “claiming” many specifications on their drives that do NOT actually function and are not supported.
Their 12X drive can’t burn ANY discs at 12X.