Are Eiso monitors good?



I planning to buy a 21"monitor.
I got a good offer for an Eiso monitor.
But i don’t now if this are good monitors.
Has anyone have experience with Eizo moitors?
Thanks !!!


I don’t have personal experience, but you can see some reviews at these links, hope it can help you,6763,396454,00.html




You’re welcome


I’m looking at an EIZO monitor right now and it’s looking good .
EIZO makes the best monitors, but I think that the price difference is too high compared to the quality difference. The only reason why I have EIZO is because I didn’t have to pay the full price, so why should I get another (lower quality??) brand?

some advantages of EIZO:

  • good guarantee-service (although you won’t need it)
  • true screen-size; a 21" screen is 21"; not 19,7 like some other brands.
  • very clear images, also on high resolution.
  • simple on-screen controls (size, position,…)
  • some extra connectors (individual green, red,blue)… I don’t know where it stands for, but it’s probably for professional users.
  • It’s 100% high-end.


First i want to buy a Liyama 22", but now i got a price of 1500 gulden for a Eizo 21".
I think it’s a good price.
But what cost the monitor normal?
I really don’t now the normal price. Someone?


I think 1500,- is a fair price for a 21" EIZO.
I don’t know the price I would have to pay for it, because I don’t have the space to place a 21"er . I’m only using 17"ers.
But I do think 1500,- isn’t too much, so go for the EIZO!!

(1500 gulden is toch ongeveer 30000bfr, niet? of heb ik nu fout omgerekend )


Inderdaad, 30.000 Bfr.
Zit ik eerst even om te rekenen naar guldens, blijkt dat je ook een Belg bent.