Are dyes like MCC03 the same quality across all brands?



If I was to buy MCC03’s from a brand other than Verbatim would I get the same quality or not? I understand some Ritek and CMC etc quality can vary from brand to brand. But does the same hold true for a known quality chemical company like Mitsubishi Chemicals?

I ask because I can get Datasafe MCC03’s rather cheaply.


To eliminate the risk of getting non-Mitsubishi media that is simply using MCC media codes, I’d stick with Verbatim.


DataWrite, not datasafe, but worth a look

CMC MAG AE1 - 8x -R , printable and “titanium”
MCC 003 - 8x +R

Interestingly, The Sony DRU 710A and TEAC DV-W516GA (both Liteon 1633S based) gave substandard results on this MCC 003, while the Liteon 1633S did ok.

The known and respected brand for any code, will normally be the best example of it!


What Two Degrees said. :iagree:


Uh, my understanding is that Verbatim MCC dye discs that are made in Taiwan are actually manufactured by CMC Mag.


Prodisc does the bulk of the Taiwan MCC production.


MCC made in Taiwan are either CMC or Prodisc; you can tell by the serial number printed on the disc hub (see some info on CMC vs. Prodisc serials in this post).

Basically, to paraphrase what Two Degrees is saying – if you buy some random brand with a MCC media code, it might be a fake media code, whereas with Verbatim you know it’s not fake.


On that note. Has anyone tried the Datasafe 8x DVD+R from SVP that are MMC03? Any good? Are they genuine?


I buy Verbatim MCC 003 to be sure not to get media with fake mid or inferior dye.

I rather spend the extra, and be sure to get the good stuff.


I’ve tried them on my Benq 1620 and the scans are pretty good.
First 2 scans are burned with Philips P3.0 firmware.
The 3. with G7P9 and the last with B7T9.
All disc are burned at 12x.
Of course I can’t say if they are playable 6 month or a year from now.
Right now though they play fine on my playstation 2 so I’m satisfied with the discs.


About datasafe and ridisc and some other brands with MCC, FUJIFILM, TDK code.
This media most times is made under licens by CMC/Prodisc.
Now about the quality there is no guarantee that the quality will be good unlike the retail products of the brands.
Is there a guarantee for the retail products some people would ask.
Well there is.
If Fuji, TDK, Mitsubishi/Verbatim media is bad then the media will be replaced.
Specially verbatim is very tollerant when it comes to replaceing there media.

In this case with these smaller brands there is no such guarantee.
Also the variation in quality is higher for these B brands.
But still these B brands can be just as good or bad as verbatim or any of the other brands !!

So should we leave them alone ?
Hmm that depends. Most times the media is quite decent. (Infact price quality ratio is most times excellent.)
However if you want to be sure that you get good media you will be better of with the real branded stuff.(Verbatim/FUJI/TDK) (From TDK and Verbatim it is known that they have extra quality controle for all there own media !)


No more need to wonder which one is fake since official distributors of Mitsubishi and Taiyo Yuden media are lowering their prices to compete very well against Ritek and Gigastorage. In Europe, it might be different because of different market situations.


Those scans look pretty sweet. I read a review here

They give them the thumbs up.


As another point of reference, I bought a spindle of MCC003 branded as Bulkpaq. They are very variable: some of them seem to burn just as well as genuine Verbatim MCC003’s. Others show very high PI/PO figures. A few have even failed with a “Medium Error” during a PI/PO scan. In contrast, genuine Verbatim MCC003’s never give any trouble.

(This is using a Plextor PX712A with f/w 1.05, by the way).


I’ve ordered a 100 and will report back if I get any problems.


Like I said befor variance in quality is bigger.
About TY and MCC prices dropping. Yes TY still is dropping. Specially when you look at Fuji. The price of verbatim however remains quite constant then again my verbatim sources are most times A much overpriced local stores or B some of the stores that got new media really fast. Which means in the Verbatim for DVD+R that they only stock the 16x MCC004 version.


I think the DataSafe 8X DVD+R (bought from are genuine.

If I look at the serialnumber at the hub it says : PAHA301J25074334 2 so no Ritek serialnumber here.

I burnt them a 12X with my LG GSA-4163B. Without a problem. Too bad no LiteOn burner here to check them with K-Probe.

I specially chose the MCC 003 mediacode. Because of the review here :

And the DataSafe were the cheapest I could find :slight_smile:


Looks like your Datasafe 8x DVD+R is made by CMC. I’m guessing they’re some of the MCC003 discs CMC made that Mitsubishi Chemical didn’t want (didn’t pass QC?).



I just bought the new tuffdiscs 8x DVD+R and they use the MCC03 Chemicle dye but the build quality of the discs are very poor!

Example: Although picture quality is consistantly good on every disc ive burned, The sound quality is terrible on 50% of the discs ive burned fading in and out constantly so Although MCC03 in verbatim is a good combination Build quality needs to be of good standard.

I understand datasafes are popular, theyve been around for a while and quite established - i recon you’ll be alright…



Datasafe and TUFFDISC both are comming from E-NET and are made by CMC.
TUFFDISC is a overprinted version (Maybe even rejected Datasafe ? I do know that the A-grade overprint media of the same companny which seems to be a earlier version of TUFFDISC had overprinted memorex and verbatim media in it.)
All I can say that Datasafe MCC uses real MCC dye but like I said in much other topics. Good DYE is not a Good DISC.
People should know by know that the quality/consistancy of this cheap stuff isn’t near big branded (read MCC or SONY) MCC material.
Sometimes you can even see for the overprinted media what it originally was.

Old Datasafe was Ritek. New is CMC but with TDK or MCC code.