Are DVDs & Games the same to copy?

Are they the same to copy or do i need another program??


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[QUOTE=Gitta;1928025]Are they the same to copy or do i need another program??[/QUOTE]

They are different copy protection built in…some games you won’t be able to copy exactly and have to use some kind of emulate to get them to work cause of the protection…and DVD are the ones that most users would back or copy because the software is made for DVD movie backups.

[quote=Gitta;1928025]Are they the same to copy or do i need another program??[/quote]If the game comes on a DVD, Clone mode in DVDFab Platinum will often work.

[QUOTE=signals;1928106][B]If the game comes on a DVD[/B], [U]Clone mode [/U]in [B]DVDFab Platinum will often work[/B].[/QUOTE]

Thanks for this bit of info :clap: it is something I was wondering about :cool:

I have had good but not universal success with this. The games are hellishly expensive and more in need of a backup copy than DVDs.:iagree:

many games have protection which is only on the original DVd & is lost when making copies e.g. securerom.
there are free utilities which will scan a game DVD & tell you what copy protection is being employed. you’ll find them easily via google but remember to virus check any that you download before using them
rather than try to back up the games DVD, look at slysoft’s game jackal.
This lets you play without inserting the DVd, once the software has analysed your original DVd & made a profile which will then intercept and respond to all DVD reads