Are DVD-Video and DVD-ROM different medias?

I have some pressed, single-layer DVD-ROMs. They contain video (I mean there are AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders on them). Nero recognizes them as DVD-ROM, not DVD-Video.

Now question: Are they treated as DVD-Video by DVD-drives?
I mean should they suffer from the riplock feature?

Yes, many DVD-ROM drives and DVD writers will detect a CSS encrypted DVD Video disc and limit the reading speed. This is known as a riplock.
Some drives have a riplock, some do not.
Read our reviews or ask in the forums to find out about a specific unit.

Suffer from the riplock feature? The drive being quiet during playback is pretty kewl if you ask me. RPC2 is the problem I hate. How am I supposed to watch my Hong Kong porno on a region 1 drive?

Easy! that Hong Kong stuff is usually on region free discs!
Whoops … I mean… I wouldn’t know how you’ll be able to view it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a matter of taste. You prefer watching your funny staff with a quiet drive, while I prefer copying it quickly. :slight_smile:

Well… porno with region protection would be really nice joke, if it existed. :wink:

You can say that again! :iagree:

A pressed encrypted DVD is usually recognised as DVD-Video
A Pressed unencrypted DVD is usually recognised as DVD-ROM
XXX rated DVDs are usually unencrypted
Blockbuster Movies DVDs are usually encrypted