Are DVD RW Dual Layer disks for sale?




I see press releases around from 2006 that JVC and others developed dual layer DVD RW disks, but I can’t seem to find them for sale anywhere. When I search for them, I just get a bunch of listings on players and recorders.

If these exist, can anyone specifically point me to a seller of DVD RW dual layer disks? I don’t care if they are -RW or +RW.

Thank you!


Try best buy or circut city or else look in cd freaks bargain basement or or but remember verbatim’s are best :slight_smile:


Don’t believe they are marketed as yet…or ever.
In April '05, press releases stated they would be be “standardized within the year” and make it into the retail arena in early "06…lol…still waiting!
Personally, dunno anymore. I’ve lost interest in it …I can only imagine the price if they ever make them… :eek:


Thanks for the info Tom I wasn’t sure about them myself


Sure thing Jim. Like I said, I really don’t know, but that’s my best guess at this point.


I doubt they will ever be popular enough to be a factor in this market. They are sold in the far east at very high prices. Where there is no demand the product usually does not last. RW discs at 8X are very hard to find also. When single layer discs are so cheap, RWs are not that important. RAM will replace them in the future.


If newegg doesn’t sell them, then who else is left? Just kidding. Thanks alan for the info. I was interested in finding faster burning DL disks for myself to give them a try but like you said, good luck. I mean, why make a 8 or 10x DL option if you can’t use it ? Oh well, teck advances, go figure. ~ Mike


I have yet to see any DVD+RW (D/L) media in any retail store, may be it is not being enter in to market yet.


Just for informations sake. I contacted JVC directly. Took about 4 phone calls in total, but finally talked to someone there who told me that because of the cost of making these high volume disks they had decided to hold off on it for now.




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I know this thread is old I just google searched for Dual Layer DVD+RW disks, and seen no one has found anything. Just letting everyone know I found a Verbatim Package of Disc’s that included a (1) DVD+RW DL disk Here.

EDIT: I contacted the website that sells them to confirm them and they told me the website is misprinted.



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