Are dvd-rom drives so sensitive?

I have brand new LTD-166S with latest firmware. I have tried three region2 dvd-movies and with one of the movies PowerDVD XP says “Disc might be damaged or dirty” and just keeps spinning the disc. Couple of times I have succeeded in viewing the movie 3-5 secs but never got to the root menu. Is there something wrong with my drive? The same problematic disc plays well in my home dvd player. The disc isn’t dirty, there is just one thin but quit long scratch strarting from the center of the disc… Or are just dvd-rom more sensitive than normal home dvd players?

Generally, if a DVDROM can’t read it it won’t read on a standalone DVD player.

You have a defunct PC drive I guess.


You have a defunct PC drive I guess.

What is defunct?.. broken you mean? I have watched six or seven movies with my drive and only one movie didn’t work…