Are Dual Layer burners better?

Hi, well I just got my new Plextor PX-712A burner. Alot of people say that they love this burner. When I bought it online, I could have sworn that the ad stated that it supported Dual Layer, turns out it does not.

So, now I can not decide rather to send it back for a refund, and get the PX-716A, or get another brand all in all so I can have the dual layer option. I know that DL cd’s are not cheap right now, but I figured that rather than buy a single layer drive now, then spend more money later on a drive, I’d just get a Dual burner now.

So, what should I do? Is there a good 12x brand out there that would be just as good as Plextor? One that supports Dual layer?

Thanks for any replies

If you want Dual Layer burning capabilities, send it back. Dual Layer capable burners are everywhere right now, and most are cheaper than the one you already bought. I love my PX-712A, but I wouldn’t buy one anymore because it won’t burn DVD-9 media. Current fave 16x DL burners on this forum are the BenQ DW1620 and the NEC ND-3500A, with the Plextor fans hoping the revised PX-716A’s performance will justify the money we spent on it.

You cannot go too wrong with most of the new 16x DL drives out there. The NEC seems to offer the best all around performance out of the box… the BenQ is an amazing +R burner with some cool scanning tools, and it offers bitsetting on +R media out of the box. Have a look around the forum. I’m sure there are other good burners you might like.

Are dual layer burners better?

Well, the give you DL capability. If that is better then yes.

The two most popular DL burners are the NEC ND-3500A and BenQ DW-1620.

I recently purchased a BenQ 1620 because it offered Booktype Bitsetting to all Plus Type media out of the box when the NEC did not.

Recommend for no hassle operation buy the retail version of the BenQ drive. Then you only have to flash it once to the latest Retail firmware currently available and you are good to go. :iagree:

I’ve read that the Pioneer DL burner is 2nd best to Plextor, with the Plextor being # 1 right now. Though I’ve read that the Plextor 716A is not a great burner, I guess due to the firmware or something. I’m just trying to narrow things down.

I’d like to hear how the pesron who told you that the Plextor DL is the #1, justified his comment. All comments so far are not possitive. You can never know what will improove and how much, with future firmwares. Maybe so, maybe partly and maybe no.

Understandable! That’s why I hate impulse buying!!! :a

It’s what I tend to do when I want something. I search around for the best price, check some reviews, then buy it. But of course, later on, I find myself wanting something else.

So, what’s your opinion? Should I go with the BENQ? I’m not sure if I’m going to be backing up alot of movies, but I want the options for later use, rather than spend spend spend and keep upgrading.

Thanks for your replies

They said that the Plextor PX-712A was # 1, not the 716A

I took my 712 back and waited a bit, did some research and decided on the
BenQ so far IMO that was a sound decision.