Are divx as good as they say



what are the downside of divx if there are any


they rule!!!

downsite, you need a P3 to run it perfectly

on a P2 (low) it runs, but not full screen
on a P2 (high) it runs good, but it has it’s moments…

anyway, I like it a lot, some movies have (like vcd’s) suffered from the encoding and for a couple frames there are squares in the image, but it’s very rare (I encountered it on Star Trek 8 First Contact)



Yeah DivX rulezzzzzz!


DivX da best in movie quality !


so no probs with a p3 450 matrox g400

where do i get those divx and how much are they
last question does divx have dolby digital or surround


DivX RULES, the only prob is that you need a pretty fast pc to run it smoothly (P2 300 at least). But hey! have you ever seen one of the DivX videocd’s? they’re EXTREMELY good quality!!! And on top of that, they now fit on 1 cd…