Are Datasafe +r 4x (MCC) any good?



Hi everybody!
First of all let me say “Wow!” to this great community: It’s one of the best (if not the best) place I’ve found regarding CD/DVD recording!

Can someone tell me if these

DVD+R are good? I know they’re slow, but hey!, they’re cheap! :slight_smile:

I’ve searched but can’t find anything useful… someone told that 4x MCC are good, but nothing related to Datasafe.

Thanks in advance!


Sorry, I forgot to tell I’d use them in a NEC 3500, a Philips (don’t know the model, is a 16x and DL) and a Gigabyte (BTC OEM 1004IM).

Sorry for my bEd English! :stuck_out_tongue:


I use these discs all the time, there really good with my burner (lite-on 812s@832s) provided you use the booktype setting, thats when you make your dvd+r look like a dvd-rom to a dvd player, makes them more compatible. They are slow but i dion’t ever burn a dvd above 2.4x to make sure i get a really good burn.


Can you post a PI/PO test results?

By the way, about the writing speed: I’ve tested some Bulkpaq 4x DVD+R, and I’ve noticed that my Nec 3500 burns them with (much) less errors if writes at 8x rather than 4x: have you checked faster speeds? Maybe you’ll get even better burns…