Are current Lite-On burners okay at less than 1.3 Ghz, is win98 enough?

The CPU requirement for Lite-On burners was 450Mhz, 800Mhz recommended. I believe that increased to 1.3Ghz after the 3S burners.

My question is, do any of the Lite-On drives since the 3s series burn reasonably well with less than a 1.3Ghz CPU ? … and can these drives be installed on systems running win98 ?

Prices are very low, but I’m not sure what to do.

They should work but at cost of reduced performance. I ran a Pioneer 111D on a 750 MHZ system which worked, but it takes more than twice as long to run DVDShrink process as it takes on a 2600 MHZ system; it took over an hour for a particular DVD on the 750 system compared to about 30 minutes on the 2600 system.

Providing drivers can be obtained - and I don’t know if there are any issues there - then the main restriction will be burn speed. Don’t expect more than 8x burning but with modern media like Verbatim 16x that really shouldn’t be a problem.

I think Windows 98 Second Edition is required for DVD writers. You will probably only reach 8x writing speed as Tim says.

really. is dma that bad under win98 that you have to burn at 8x?

1,3Ghz is the recommendation for the bundled software. the drive should work well with 450Mhz.

I know my 1635S burns very well with a 1.2GHz Celeron :slight_smile:

The problem might more likely be OS, crappy chipset drivers and a slow HDD… :slight_smile:
LH-20A1P will burn nicely at 16x (on 16x crap DVD-R media SONY16D1)
256MB RAM-100
XP SP1. :bigsmile:
Also have 18x burns with this old $815 setup but that with BenQ ZB35 fw (posting this in BenQ forum).

Yep, the drive itself would have no issue with a slower processor, it’s the other components of the system (and in your case the OS as well) that would be the actual hurdles. My PIII 450MHZ has no problems with 8x burns, it tops out around 10x before it starts having issues and that’s not the issue of the processor itself. 8x is fine though, it’s still reasonably swift and 16x media tends to burn very well at 8x.

Remember, latest Litey’s are UDMA-4… :slight_smile:

Slightly off topic

Even a UDMA-2 drive like BenQ DW1640 can burn at 8x with a 266MHz/$440LX/256MB, Win-2k, linky. :bigsmile:

Edit. All drives on this compu will be tried at 16x… Which will make it?

If the box reads 1.3Ghz or better, I had always thought “coaster maker”. But it looks like I was wrong, maybe I should stay away from the software.

BenQ drives have really got the edge, but with all the Verbatim media I just purchased, a Lite-On drive it must be.

My PC has a 7500 rpm drive on a controller card, (win98SE, fully updated), 256MB RAM and a 600Mhz cpu … the board limit is 850Mhz. :sad:

Remember, latest Litey’s are UDMA-4…

This I must investigate, I’m thinking of purchasing the 165P6S.

Thank you all for the replies.

If I were you, I wouldn’t multi-task whatsoever during a burn. On my AMD64 3000+, CPU usage will spike to 60% sometimes, even if I’m just browsing the web during a burn. I also like to have 128MB of RAM dedicated to buffering. Even with SmartBurn, it’s always best to make sure that buffer under runs never occur in the first place. I’m sure you’ll do fine if you’re doing nothing but burning at the time with a, say, ~64MB buffer.

Why should that be a problem? He did not ask about encoding, multitasking and such stuff. If it’s just burning, you can burn whatever speed you want with 66MHz Pentium Pro if you have enough RAM and a decent HD.

Unless you have a mainboard chipset that sux :cool:


Of course it has to be an Intel chipset! :bow:

Posted here. :smiley:

BTW, BenQ DW1800 is a OEM LH-18A1P so we can count with same results when on Litey firmware.