Are compatibility problems with a burner reading dual layer discs possible?

I’ve held out on using them but just can’t anymore, as I have a lot of stuff over 20gb that would be inconvenient to split. My current writer reads them back okay.

Also, LG vs pioneer for a new burner?

I suggest you Pioneer burners, better firmware support than LG and media compatibility.

I like LG products, they usually have good quality, but once released they forgot the user easily, nor updates nor firmwares, luckily maybe one release.

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I regularly split data between 3-4 discs and the main issue I have is the space I need to store the discs!

What do you use to split? I bought some 50gb discs but I have a few 70gb files :frowning: seriously thinking of switching over to multiple hard drives instead of burnt media + stored on hard drive

An option is to split to volumes with winrar (optionally add a recovery record to each volume) and burn. Another option is to split to volumes with 7-zip and burn (optionally split to smaller volumes, create isos of the volumes, add error correction data using dvdisaster and then burn). I always keep two copies of the data I want to save, one to hdd and one to dvd.

Does recovery record add significantly to the size or zip performance? (Obviously I just use store for zero compression but still)

I don’t think performance is affected much, but I guess it depends on the size of the data and the speed of your PC. And compression sometimes helps to save some space and not having to use one more disc. For example with winrar, 10% recovery on a single layer disc, allows you to use a little less than 4gb for data. If I remember correctly, the minimum that makes sense for dvdisaster is 20% of the media size. Even if you don’t want to use space for recovery, if the last volume is much smaller than the disc size, then it makes sense to use that for recovery, but you will need to do the calculations for the volume size.