Are cheap branded discs often overprints?

The reason why I ask is because really cheap brands (by cheaper production nature) are often sold… Er, very cheap. I bought a pack of Bulkpaq Orange (Generation 4, Orange) sometime ago at a discount of a £5 for a pack of 50 (mate knows a warehouse dealer) and the texture of them felt… Odd, as though they were overprints?

I then bought a pack of 10 RiVision discs (Blue), which are apparently produced under the same line as RiDisc. Only thing about it is they are £10.49 for a pack of 100 on Disk Depot, whilst other brands can go into £15 and more for 100 packs.

Sorry for the ramble like, and I have been told to avoid both brands like the plague, but I must ask this. Why are they so cheap whilst others brands are more expensive? I know there is a difference in burning quality, but to sell them off so low they must be stock they couldn’t sell… Extremely bad they bought them in dead cheap… Or even overprints.

Mind, this isint for crucial data. But I can’t seem to find much info on either! D:

overproduction, bargains etc…maybe even re-labeled crap. :wink:

Can overprints and bargain media be of some use? :wink:

[QUOTE=Chad_Bronson;2556021]Can overprints and bargain media be of some use? ;)[/QUOTE]As landfill material, why not? :bigsmile:
You could also use them as coasters or as raw material for hobby projects. :slight_smile:


They can’t be that bad, I’ve heard stories that have had quite good reviews on overprints…

Although really cheap media must have something dodgy about them as they would not flog them off cheap if they were top notch media…

Overprints and cheap media :doh: