Are Cd Writers generally Universally Compatible?



My cd writer just recently broke and I want to get a new one. I have an athlon processer and I use Windows. Will most cd writers be compatible with my PC or do i need to find out specific information about my current writer, if so, how do I do this? Any help is greatly appreciated.


All internal IDE drives should work with your PC.


Drives are especially easy to install in computers.

Although you have to open the case to install the drive, 99% of the time you don’t need to install any drivers or anything.



Only advise that I can add - is to get a name brand burner like NEC, Pioneer, or BenQ-

All can be had for around $60 and will serve you well-



Someone should also mention that bigmike7 is talking about dvd burners (since you asked about cd burners). Dvd burners have gotten so cheap that it doesn’t make much sence to get a cd burner. A dvd burner can do everything a cd burner can (they burn cd and dvd).


You might find that a CD Writer will burn a slightly better quality CD than a DVD Writer. My car CD player won’t play CD-R according to the manual. In practice it won’t play a DVD Writer produced CD but generally will play a CD Writer produced one. For me it’s CD Writer for quality CDs, leaving my DVD Writers just for writing DVDs.



Both my wifes Nissan Maxima and My Mazda manuals say that they will not play CD-R’s - however I have been backing up my CD’s using EAC - burning them on my NEC 3500 burner and they play great in both vehicles-

You can get EAC for free from