Are CD cases safe for DVD discs



I have put my burned back up data Taiyo Yuden discs in double poly CD cases, will the center hub break or crack the DVD discs? I read that CD case hubs don’t quite fit DVD discs? should I remove mine? or is too late? are they already damaged? or can I safely remove them from the cases & put them into DVD cases or sleeves? are my discs still all right? or will they need to be replaced? I have had them in the CD cases for about a couple of weeks.



I don’t have my micrometer handy, but I’m pretty sure CD’s and DVD’s have identical dimensions and it should not matter if one is stored in the others native case.


I agree that it should not matter

I don’t have my micrometer handy
but it should be an inside or vernier caliper.


I’m sure they will be fine.


IMO it depends on the mechanism. There are a lot problems with pressed DVD movies and inner ring cracks.

DVDs are made of two layers, also DVD-R media are made of two layers. If the mechanism to keep the disk into the CD case thas to sharp edges it may be happen the edges cracks the DVD between the two layers and you have an inner ring crack.

Here a few examples of european Star Trek Deep Space Nine DVDs:

(Source: Star Trek DVD Fehlerliste (German site))


[QUOTE=jeff53404;2096317]…but it should be an inside or vernier caliper.[/QUOTE]

haha…nice catch