Are black fronts available for older drives?

I’ve been looking all over the place, but no-one seems to know for sure…

I ordered a black Plextor DVD-player and the new DVD rewriter :stuck_out_tongue:
But I want to keep my old Plextor 8/20 en Plextor Ultraplex40.

The only problem is, the new box is black, my new drives are black… the old ones aren’t :frowning:

I’ve been told black fronts are available… But does anybody know if this is true, and where I can order them??

Unfortunately Plextor doesn’t have black belzels for drives that old. I tried to get some myself. I even looked on and they had some for the 16x atapi but none for the 8/20 or scsi drives.

However, they do carry the black bezels for the 708s and premium.

If you find some, please let me know.