Are AquaGuard and WaterShield Discs Really Scratch Resistant?

I’m thinking of purchasing an inkjet printer that’s capable of printing on inkjet printable discs. However I would first like to know if WaterShield and AquaGuard discs are really scratch resistant as advertised.

They are WATER resistant, not scratch resistant.

“Improved scratch resistance” is listed as a feature of TY Watershield.


Don’t expect too much… I tried scatching my first watershield TYG03 disc using the back of my fingernail without applying any pressure, and it caused a visible line across the surface. So I would not expect the discs to stay perfect without proper care.
I will use these media again, as the result looks a lot better than the white printables I used before.

BTW I use the new HP Photosmart D5160 printer, which replaced my old Epson R200. It is harder to configure and the software has it’s problems, but once you get it working, it prints nice labels and the cd/dvd tray works better than my Epson’s.
I did have to replace the tray that came with the printer, because it did not allign the discs properly. HP’s online chat support was very helpful to remedy the situation (in the Netherlands).