Are all verbatims created equal?

I need to go out and buy some DVD +R and I know best buy always has some great deals on verbatim but is there anything special I should look for like
" made in …" before I buy ?

Are certain speed rated discs better quality than others ?

Speed is not an issue so 8X is more than enough.

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If you can find any verbatim with written in the box “Made in Japan”, or the writing “pastel disc” these are among the best discs available.

I suggest you to avoid verbatim “Pearl White” series, because these are low quality media.

Any other verbatim is good.

There is a little difference between made in Taiwan (MIT) media and made in India (MII) ones; the MIT have a better quality, but MII verbatim media are anyway very good.

Some burners (like mine) have a bias to the made in Tawain vs made in India Verbatins, so it will depend on your burner.

Beware the pearl white. I believe they can be both RiTEK or CMC rebadged, and I’d rather smash the RiTEK with a hammer than burn anything I wanted to ever see again on.

That aside, go for the MIT before Moser Baer. Indians have no real sense of quality control. I worked over there, and they really think that leaving everything in the hands of the gods is the way to go. Hence, highest traffic accident rate, or one of, in the “developed” world.

Yes I have to agree “Pearl Whites” are rubbish and I used them before and ever burner I tried to burn them with ended up with very bad burns.

Maybe because there is to many [B]Indians [/B]and not enough [B]Chiefs [/B] lol……

Please do not share this type of personal opinion on the Newbie forum. It is way off-topic, and a completely unecessary and offensive generalisation. There are other places on the internet where you can go and start a flame war :cop:.