Are all Verbatim MCC04 16X made in Japan?

I just bought two spindles of Verbatim dv+r 8X and i noticed that they’re made in TAIWAN [at moment i can’t figure how their quality is], while i thought to get Japanese manufatured dvd.

So i was wondering if there are around also Verbatim dvd+r 16X not made in Japan, i could buy for mistake. Thanks a lot


Most Verbatim media is made in Taiwan - with possibly some made in Singapore (if you can find it-grab it 'cause it is GREAT media)-


> Most Verbatim media is made in Taiwan -

Are you speaking also for 16x Verbatim?

> with possibly some made in Singapore (if you can find it-grab it 'cause it is GREAT media)-

Taiwanese manufactured aren’t so good ? Just to let me understand, how would you consider it ?

Just picked up a spindle of 50 Verbatim Inkjet Hub Printable 16x +R MCC004 from Meritline. “Made in Taiwan”

The deal is that Taiwanese made media has the same dye but they are actually produced by CMC Magnetics or Prodisc and could be subject to lower quality standards (ie handling and storage). Not saying they are bad discs, just saying that you will be more likely to get higher quality media if you can get ahold of the Singapour produced verbs (true MCC).

I’ve just found a comments in a old thread
i’m gonna reporting to know if things have changed since then:

[I]Verbatim Data Life Plus discs made in Taiwan are made by CMC Magnetics under licence from Mitsubishi. They are manufactured in accordance with Mitsubishi’s quality controls and standards and have exactly the same media code as those manufactured in Singapore.

MCC02RG20 is the media code for Verbatim dlp 8x -Rs whether manufactured in Singapore or Taiwan.

However, there is nothing to worry about wherever they were made. I have both Singapore and Taiwanese manufactured Verb dlps with that media code and both are of very high quality and both produce excellent results.[/I]

My Verbatim +r 8x have these serial number on the plastic hub: 4332E231304012010