Are all TDK burners Lite-Ons?

Like the Subject says, are all the TDK burners Lite-Ons? There was one thread were it didn’t burn like he wanted to so he refunded it and got another one with model number X or something like that and then it was like a Lite-On. Is that true? And how can you tell wehn you buy one?


The amazing world of the search button!!

Thanks for the reply, but I still don’t understand, when you buy a TDK drive how you can tell before you install it which rebadged drive it is. Like for instance, if I was to buy it, and I want the B model, which is the Lite-on, how do I know it’s the lite-on before I buy it?

I don’t know whether the exact TDK model (ie: the B model) is written on the box. But i suppose you can always open the box and read the exact version on the drive itself.

One last question that wasn’t mentioned in that thread, although, very close to it was the 40x12x48, the 48x16x48, is a rebadged Lite-On right? B model…