Are all Ritekf1 DVDs the same?

I tried two different batches of Ritekf1 DVDs:

  • Fujifilm DVD-R 16x (made in taiwan)
  • TDK DVD-R 16x (TDH710231939E10 written on its center)

In fact, I tried multiple batches of the Fuji, and they all worked very well: I can burn video up to 16x and nevet get skipping in my home DVD player.

Recently, I bought this TDK spin bundle (of 100) and the best I could do was to burn at 4x, otherwise I have sporadic video skipping during playback. Even at 4x, I still get some skipping at times. Nevertheless, I used them all (except for one that I keep for reference purposes).

I compared the DVD media codes (IDs) of these two disks (Fuji and TDK)with all possible tools out there, and they both match perfectly. All blocks are the same bit-for-bit.

So I was wondering what I can conclude. Is it that I got a really bad batch of TDK DVDs (a 100-disk spin bundle!)? Or is it that Fuji get better quality from Ritek?

In other words, is it possible that all Ritekf1 DVDs are not made the same, with the same quality and technology? Is the media code sufficient to compare DVD quality?



P.S.: For sure, I am not buying TDK DVDs anymore!

If they are skipping now, when freshly burned, you really shouldn’t trust them to remain readable for any long term storage.

Ritek, and the other manufacturers sell various grades of the same mid code media. If they don’t pass the highest QC standards, they are sold at lower prices to the less than discriminating brands. TDK has been going downhill for quite some time now on the disks they are willing to sell.