Are all IO Magic Lightscribes at Staples a DW1655?



Seems like a few months back when Staples had these on sale someone mentioned that some of the IO Magic lightscribe drives were not Benq DW1655’s. I searched but I can’t find the thread. Has anybody picked one up recently?


No. Some will be Lite-ons or possibly HP’s. Ask if they will open the box for you and let you check it out.


i bought one a few months back. the standard was basically if the packaging material was pink it was a lite-on and if the packaging bag was clear it was benq.

if you can pry up a corner to check the color of the bag inside that’s what you should go by.

personally, i think it’s much easier to just ask them to open the box…they way you don’t look like you’re trying to steal something!


If you pull the bottom flaps open a little I could see the Benq vent holes and it is in a clear static bag.

BTW what model Liteon drive are they using? Is it one of the newer 165 series or one of the older ones?


i don’t remember. i do remember a lot of lite-on users giving us benq hunters a hard time because we were “throwing back” the lite-on drives haha. I remember them saying that it was a very good drive also. let me do a search real quick. i might be able to find out what model it was supposed to be.


i can’t find the thread from back when i bought mine…basically i think the gist of it was that you couldn’t really go wrong…both were goo ddrives.

if you know you want the 1655 then you know to look for the clear packaging, but if you want to give the lite-on a try then you still have a 30 day return period to try it out!


I picked up a DW1655 already, but I was kinda curious as to how well the Liteon worked. If it was one of the newer 165 series drives I might get one to compare it against my fleet of Benq drives.

Thanks for the effort!


i bet all of the people who took advantage of the pink packaging deal are hiding in the lite-on forum. ask them!


@BWigg, I’ve answered your question here.

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why are you buying I/O magic benq 1655 when the lowest price at staples was $49.99 after rebates. And even if you find a BenQ drive, it is OEM version of the BenQ, why not go to and buy yourself a retail BenQ 1655 for only $43.99 + $7 shipping and no rebate hassles.


Thanks for the info, but in a case like this I would rather spend a few bucks more and buy local. This way if I have a problem or I don’t like the product it’s much easier than getting a RMA and shipping it back. I rushed out and picked up a IO magic/DW1670 and was glad I bought it local because it was not a good drive.


i agree with you BWigg…plus there’s the instant gratification. you go out and get a new drive and can install it immediately…not have to wait 4 days for it :slight_smile:


i got two boxes with clear bag but one of them turns out to be benq the other hp. on the hp, it does not mention anything about lightscribe. can i do dual burning on these two burners (burning an image file to both drives at the same time)?