Are all in one printers a good long term investment?

Well, as this thread tells you, I’ve come to need a new printer.

I’m in favour of getting a separate printer and scanner, basically because there are so many things to go wrong with printers, whereas a scanner should last quite a long time, however there’s also the space saving aspect and the direct photocopying convenience.

I’m looking for opinions on whether I should get an all in one or not… and if I do, what brand is the most reliable? And DON’T say Canon!

Thanks all. :wink:

i’m going for a Canon IP5200 :bigsmile: you should try it :iagree:

my other option was an epson R265 or R340

I have no idea about long-term, but my mum’s had a Lexmark AIO for a year with no probs, and I bought one too (an X3330 series) awhile back.

Certainly takes up less space, and all the parts work like they’re meant to. Print quality is no different from the photo printer that died 5 months back, too.

We’ll just have to see how long they both last…:slight_smile:

Well given the price of All in Ones these days I may as well just go for another one anyway.

Any good websites to buy from? Preferably ones that offer extended warranties…

OK, Argos have a sale on this one and offer an extended warranty at only £9.99:

On top of that, compatibles…

I think this is FTW.

I wouldnt touch an all inone with a ten foot pole. What do you think happens if PART of the printer goes tits up?? If the scanner goes, and you are still under warranty you have to send it off, and while thats happening you have no printer. Or if you ARENT its the same hassle to get it fixed, and even more hassle because you’re paying. If its more expensive for an all in one than a decent regular printer, then dont even bother with an all in one. Epson R340 FTW!! You can get continuous ink systems for it too. me thinks :bigsmile:

Everyone has their own opinions about this. I personally have a canon mp500 aiw, and an epson r300. Never had a problem with either one…

I love the convience of an AIO for space saving and the ability to make copys without a PC, but I dont think I would want one as my only printer. (currently I have an hp AIO I got for cheap because the doc feeder was busted, an espon r320, a brother laser for economy printing, and a shelved hp photo printer :o )

After my Canon experience I’d not have gone for an all in one were it not for the fact that I got such a bargain. I also got an extended warranty for £9.99 so I’m guaranteed good printing for 3 years at 4800dpi, with scanning on top - all for £50.

So what did you get, the Brother one you linked to?

Only reason I can see for getting a multifunction is if you have limited space for hardware. If you do get an all-in-one, avoid the Epson CX models… I have heard of many problems with them. Mainly with the heads clogging. My sisters’ has a horrible time with the cyan ink clogging.

If you are the artistic type and want a nice scanner, Microtek makes a some nice models. The ScanMaker i800 and i900 series have a $50 rebate (USA, not sure about elsewhere) until Nov. 30th. They offer legal sized scanning area (8.5in. x 14in.) and have excellent reviews. Suggested price has been dropped to $399.99, $449.99, $549.99 for the i800, i800 pro and i900 respectively. You should be able to find them cheaper online.

I absolutely love the Lexmark product line and I’ve had 3 AIO models. With rebates and other incentives (clearance/end of model closeouts), you can usually get a new one for the cost of a black & color cartridge.

hes in the UK therefor NO REBATES. AFAI’ve seen only americans get rebates.

All-in-one. Been there, done that, twice. No more. But that was several years agoe.
Maybe quality is better now, but I have the room. Have epson R320 for printing printable disks & an old canon i850 (i think) for documents & photo printing. Gotta have 2 printers just in case. HP scanner 4500 thats been around a while too.

Had lexmark all in one and would never do that again also would never buy anything with canon name since I had one of there printers and they did not provide a driver update for it when windows xp came out even though the printer was not that old. Told the where they could put their printers and anything with canon on it then purchased an hp. Know use epson printers but no all in one learned that lesson.

I have an HP AIO going on 2 years and a HP Laserjet 4M+ that is my workhorse and will not die :slight_smile:

Buying a printer its always best to checkout the price of ink cartridges online first at websites like I recommend a epson any day they are the cheapest to run if you use compatibles!