Are all DVD recorders a gamble?

I’m looking to get my first DVD recorder. I’ve been reading numerous post and reviews of the Liteon 5005 and 5045. I like the Liteon for price and flexible format. But after reading about the Liteon and other recorders, it seems like all name brand recorders are a big gamble. You throw you cash in and hope to get a good one.

I know the majority of post are people that are having problems. I’d like to hear from those of you who’ve had a good experience with the Liteon 5005 and 5045. I’d also like to hear from those great minds out there who have alot more experience with DVD recorders then I do.

I’m a clean slate with open ears.

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All Recorders Have Problems


thanks to HelloShaun

It is also mentioned in the standalone forums here at cdfreaks …