Are 9 case fans enough?



So maybe I went a little overboard. My htpc was having heat issues and I wanted to overclock it, so I got a new case. Not one damn thing went right (its never taken me all day to build or rebuild a computer), and I still haven’t got the card reader installed. Obviously I need to tidy that mess of wires at the bottom (first run on a new case and didn’t really get it finished right). It looks cool though.

For fans it has 2 120mm and 1 50mm intake in the front. For exhaust it has a window 120mm, a rear 120mm, a top 200mm, and 3 pci slot fans. IT also has a 10th I guess (and 80mm mounted on the outside of the case, forcing extra air through the power supply).


Ripit, does it fly?


I think you need to put it in a Ice water that will keep it cool.




[QUOTE=samlar;2127117]I think you need to put it in a Ice water that will keep it cool.[/QUOTE]

You know, if it were perfectly clean distilled water, it would actually work. Hmmmmm???
(Actually, it wold work till the slightest contamination made the water conduct electricity, then poof, a pretty fireworks show).


I also agree that the antec designers should be drawn & quartered … just simply changing a HDD in these cases requires removal of 1/2 the HDD’s in the system & the damn thing is too tight.

Why not try mounting a 2.5" HDD in the damn things … what’s that? Non-Standard HDD bays so 2.5" to 3.5" mounting kits don’t work … Ha!

Now explain again why you are overclocking a HTPC?
I’d have expected that as a HTPC, you’d want it as low clock as possible to minimise heat and hence … as little noise as possible & minimise extraneous light also.


I have 2 older antec performance series cases plus a koolance clone (so close all the parts cross fit), and an antec super lan boy, and I’ll tell you, they are all 1000 times easier to work on than this one. The lan boy has 4 side loading hard drives on rails. Squeeze two tabs, they slide right out. The performance series cases have similar rails for the 5 1/4’s. I’ll never understand why antec couldn’t make a case with both sizes on rails, its got to be retardation or something.
I kind of regret buying this case (though I’ll keep it for the cooling, plus I got it new for 60$). I never did figure out how to get the 3.5" to 5 inch adapter to mount.:a:a:a
As best as I can tell, you are supposed to use the self threading screws to mount the plastic adapter at the back, then the face plate is supposed to pinch onto the front (no where to screw it on) to half ass hold it in place. The only alternative I could see is to try and get regular machine screws to self thread into the plastic (there are holes but they are too small and no threads). If you use the self tapping ones to hold the rear, they are too long and would screw right into your drive (I was trying to mount a hard drive but it seems you would have similar problems with a floppy etc).

If antec would take the best ideas from various antec cases, you could have a damn sweet case which makes they doubly retarded. I do have to give the 900 credit though, it does have some nice features (but its very hard to work on).

As far a heat, overclocking etc, the excessive heat isn’t from overclocking (it’s running stock speed right now). The whole case was running hot because of 7 hard drives for a total of 1.4TB (soon to be 8 or 9 if I can get the mounts on this case modded how I want). The lanboy case I was using didn’t have any fans over the hard drives and only 1 120mm rear exhaust fan. I have a 300GB in an enclosure that I want to add right now.

I want to overclock it because it is only an athlon 64 3400 and I would like a little more performance. I haven’t upgraded because I just love the hell out of the motherboard (abit ax8). I just wish it was the ver2 that could take a dual core. It can raid across sata and pata and performance is damn good. It has 3 pata channels for 6 drives (most of my drives are pata) and has 4 sata channels (so 10 drives which works well for an htpc). This board just all around rocks and the raid makes organizing tv shows and ripped/converted movies blazing fast (about 130MBps average on one of the raids, closer to 100MBps on the other). I have overclocked this cpu (actually I have overclocked the 939 64 3200 that I have and am using a 939 64 3400 pull now but can switch back if necessary), and I can get a very large overclock with out very much extra heat compared to the heat the hard drives are producing).

I’m guessing I would have to lay down a big chunk of money to go with a faster processor and such a high performance board that has features I like as well, so I have been sticking with it. The fans are all antec tri cool (frys has had them on sale cheap and 110% price match at circuit city), so they can run silent. The slot fans are antec (not tri cool) but are silent. The loudest thing is the dvd drive. I’m guessing I can get my overclock with current, low noise cooling.

I’m really kicking myself, cause I spent two hours trying to get one hard drive mounted, and gave up, wasting a 3 drive bay for 1 hard drive to use their cage, and no room for the card reader. I have drive size adapters but couldn’t find them. After the fact, I remembered I have one of these sitting on the shelf

I guess I shouldn’t have been working on it with only 2 hours sleep, doh!!!


Do the neighbors complain about the noise?
Do you need to use the ceiling fan in your PC room for comfort anymore?
Did you clear your prop-driven PC’s flight plan with the airport’s control tower?
(I gotta million of 'em! - Jokes, not fans)