Are 8x Maxell DVD-R's any good?

I want to back up my MP3 collection and all I’ve got are some 8x Maxell DVD-R’s. Do you think I should go out and buy some higher quality discs or will Maxell be good enough? I’ve never used Maxell DVD-R’s before so this is why I am asking this. Thanks.

Made in Japan or Made in Taiwan?
Made in Japan = media code MXLRG03, excellent discs.
MIT - Probably RitekG04. VERY crappy.

You meant G05 I’m sure. Potentially the worst discs ever made, because of the common problem of deterioration with them. :Z

Actually I’m not quite sure, they were given to me by someone. I don’t even have a case for them or anything. Is there anyway I could find out exactly what kind they are?

Everybody should just stick to VERBATIM and the world would be a less troubled place. :slight_smile:

Download Nero CD-DVD Speed (it’s free and also allows various testing of your media and drive). Put a disc in your drive. In CD-DVD Speed click on the ‘disc info’ tab. If they are Ritek G05, you should reburn any important burns to more reliable media (such as Verbatim as Bearded mentions).

They are Ritek GO5, I guess I will use some Verbatims instead. Thanks. I will just have to use those DVD’s on something less important, most likely just for testing.

What kind of life-span do Verbatims have?

Yes, I would just suggest using them for things such as short term backups, giveaway discs to friends with the understanding that they may or may not hold up over a long period of time, etc.

Regarding Verbatim lifespan, it’s impossible to say for certain how long any discs will last really. But they have not shown a trend of quick deterioration for most users in the same manner that Ritek G05 has. There are many choices in addition to Verbatim that have had good stability, but Verbatim is just one of the ‘easiest answers’ since the media has good traits overall. Easy to find, inexpensive, generally burn very well initially, good support from many burners, seem to have good stability characteristics, etc. As I said there are still many other choices that are also good but Verbatim is as safe a choice as any (I would personally suggest 16x +R Verbatim).

Yep, thanks for the correction :wink:

Verbatim, if made in Taiwan by CMC, or made in Singapore by themselves.
I’ve had some Prodisc with big bubbles in the hub and some MBI which I would not recommend.

I think 8x Taiyo Yuden is still a good choice…

I would say that I have had less trouble burning MXL coded discs than either TY or Verbatim. You get more variation between batches of MCC than MXL.

If everybody stuck to Verbatim then there would be no competition and what would you do if your discs burned like this? There would be no alternatives and that would be bad.

Competition is a good thing. :wink:

Yeah! :iagree:

Plus we’d have hardly any threads in here if everyone used Verbies all the time :bigsmile:

Are these made in Japan?
Or how does one find out where they are made when ordering off the net?

Media Type: DVD-R 1x-8x
Native Capacity: 4.7 GB
Format: DVD-R - General Purpose
Mfgr Product ID: Maxell 635129 (MAX635129)
Remarks: Spindle of 50 disc. For use in Pioneer and other DVD recorders that use 4.7GB DVD-R for General Purpose.

Ask the online shop.
Beware, some of the Maxell 8x spindles have been telling “Made in Japan” while they in fact were made in Taiwan by Ritek. In this case you will be able to return them.

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For Maxell Europe packaging, the 8th number in the EAN/UPC is the telltale. If it is 3, it can be Maxell or Ritek. If it is 5, it is definately Ritek.


Item No : 1883
Capacity : 4.7 GB
Speed : 8X Maximum
Surface : White Inkjet Printable
Maxell Part# : 635129
Compatibility : For drives/recorders supporting DVD-R format
Packaging : 50 pcs packed in cakebox

[B]So these must be too![/B] [I]They have the same part number.[/I]

Media Type: DVD-R 1x-8x
Native Capacity: 4.7 GB
Format: DVD-R - General Purpose
Mfgr Product ID: Maxell 635129 (MAX635129

Avoid. :slight_smile:

Any trick ID Maxell MXL RG04 discs ?