Are 4x DVD-Rs less compatable with Standalone players?

Are 4x DVD-Rs less compatable with Standalone players? I hope not. I’m currently useing a TDK 440n to burn (1.08) Ritek G04. I’ve tested the videos in both my newer standalone dvd players (cheap units) and they work fine. (someone complained that a vid DIDN’T work on their unit)

So I’m wondering if I can get better compatability with 2x or 1x rated disks. What is the general consensus on this?

So far, 4x DVD-R by TY is the only DVD-R that will play in my JVC. It will play any DVD+R that I try.

Normally 4X discs is not less compatible, but recording at 4X gives higher error levels and then again may give less compatible discs.

So if you have 4X discs and record them at 2X they should be just as compatible as 2X discs recoreded at 2X…

It depends much on your writer and your DVD-players. Some writers offers better write quality than others and some DVD-players is less picky about media than others.

The best way is to experiment and see what works for your drives :slight_smile:

With my PioA06 the error rate is lower with 4x speed than with 2x or 1x.

Maybe the 4x Medias I used had better quality…

I have also sometimes seen lower error rates when burning some 4x media at 4x when compared to burning at 2.4x or 2x. Likewise also sometimes see lower errors when scanning at 4x as compared to 2.4x. But it’s not consistantly that way.

thanks for the great replys, so it seems that (in general) 4x vs. 2x. vs 1x doesn’t really matter. As long as your drive can burn correctly to your 4x disks. (which mine does. TDK 440N to Ritek G04)

You shouldn´t have problems writing 4x on RitekG04.
It´s a good product!