Are 16x ide/atapi DVD drives pointless?

16x dvd = 156.25 megabits per second, correct? and as far as i know the fastest an ide cable can transfer data is 133 megabits per second. i’ve got to be missing something obvious here.

i hope.

I think you are getting megabits and megabytes mixed up. 156.25 megabits per second sounds about right for 16x dvd which is about 19.5 megabytes per second. The theoretical limit of ide is 133 megabytes per second (about 1064 megabits ber second). I just did a quick benchmark on three hard drives on this computer. The first toped out at about 96 megabytes per second (ok I cheated, that was a raid array). The other two toped out at 36 megabytes per second and 39 megabytes per second (OUCH, I GOTTA DEFRAG THOSE HARD DRIVES)!!! they probably should have scored more like 50-60 megabytes per second.

It’s worse … most optical drives use UDMA2 only, aka 33MegaBytes/s interface.

So that 20MB/s is really pushing the UDMA2 throughput.
At any rate, you only actually reach 16x at the end of the disc, you usually start at 8x and work your way upto 16x at the end, average approx 12x.

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What did you use to benchmark, only it seems a bit low for raid. I get around 70 min 99.5 ave 117 peak 1430 burst.

I used sandra 2005 to benchmark. They are not exactlly fast drives though. Just a couple of plain jane maxtor 7200rpm drives. It is quite possible that the raid array is in serious need of defragmenting too and that could be slowing it down. I really cannot remember how fast it was when I first set it up. I might defrag it and see if it gets faster though. I also wonder if limited space for testing is part of the problem? Unfortunatlly, all the drives on this computer are 90-95% full (need to do some serious cleanup on my drives).

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Thanks ripit, just curious.
I’ve Maxtors as well. Diamond Max 9’s
Used to have Diamond Max 10’s which were even quicker. Sold them to a m8, not sure why now.

I have notced that benchmarks can be quite variabkle depending on other hardware in your system, programs running, how full or fragmented the dirve is etc. I can increase the benchmark on my videocard bu increreasing my cpu overclock.
I defraged the array last night, then after using the computer all morning, its fasted speed was only 67MBps!! I quicklly found the most liklly cause, only about 100MB of memory free, to many programs running. I rebooted and not top out at 102MBps. I might get a little more if the drives were not over 90 percent full.

You are correct, just wrap that baby up and send it first class to me and I will in return send you a almost new, only used a few times 8X burner. :iagree:


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It’s a common mistake … brought about, thanks to many people that should know better than to notate bytes with a lowercase ‘B’.

I’ve read many articles by (apparently) intelligent internet/computer savvy reviewers stating speeds and their notation oscillating between B & b. They just can’t make up their mind, or they are just lazy.

Aka UDMA6 has a bandwidth of 133MB/s, then followed by 133Mb/s.
Just an 800% difference there … nothing much really :wink:

Wow, then I keep talking about my 30 gigabit HDD! Don’t forget my 256 megabit graphics card, lol! :stuck_out_tongue: I will try a lot harder in the future to reach for that Shift key when talking about bytes… :bigsmile:

Um, actually, Giga should be ‘G’, not g :wink:

‘g’ is for grams …

So when you phrase it as ‘my 30gb hard drive’, you are talking a about a ‘30 gram bit’ hard drive, whatever that is :stuck_out_tongue:

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