Are 1,000 pencils as good as one overpriced DVD burner?

I’m in need to upgrade my monitor to flat panel as well as get a new DVD burner.

A couple of months ago, I received from OfficeMax, $100 in their Perk awards program: to spend as cash on anything.

I’ve watched the ads each week, mostly for a monitor. They come and go. The best deals, usually $100 off on some widescreen lcd. --didn’t see anything on dvd burners though.

But I’ve been hoping.
It’s been a struggle to wait this long, to use the money, but I thought, just maybe the’ll have something on sale that I want.

My rewards card expires in three days.
And guess what?

For the 1st time in a long time, their is no office max, week ad. Nothing is on sale.

I hate to spend $350 for a monitor that will be on sale for $250 next week–essentially blowing my $100 credit.

Anyone know of something to buy there that is reasonably priced.
Does OfficeMax do this regularly: when the rewards credits are going to expire, they pull the sales?

What’s a good burner? I’m a bit upset.
Or should I buy $100, in pencils?

Maybe if I do the latter, I’ll be sharper on this, the next time, if there is one, around.

:sad: Bob

1000 pencils will always come in handy, especially if you have children
at school :slight_smile:

How about a Liteon LH-20 and $40 worth of pencils?

You could forget the penclils and buy some Verbatim +R
media to go with the Liteon.

buy lite-on 59.99$ and spend the rest on DVD media.
Or buy this

Buy 100 pencils and then exchange them next week for a monitor.